Improve Your Business by Leveraging FG’s Logistics

At French Gerleman, we strive to offer our customers the best overall experience.  This includes customer service, creating a streamlined and efficient ordering process and delivering the best products in a timely manner.

What makes French Gerleman an industry leader? In this article, we profile how our logistical efficiencies help us improve your experience.

Delivery Options
We have a fleet of 24 trucks, some with side roll doors, ready and prepared to serve you. We offer local and inter-branch transfers, meaning we can access the products you need with a quick turnaround. In addition to box trucks, we have specialized trucks with flat bed gates that make certain deliveries easier and more efficient. Our large fleet of trucks allows us to accommodate your time sensitive deliveries.

We have morning and afternoon deliveries, as well as same day delivery if an order is placed by a certain time (please call for details). If you’re in a pinch and need something delivered immediately, we work with couriers and offer creative shipping solutions. For example, we’ve worked with airlines to get products delivered across the country the same day. If you need it, we will come up with a way to get our products to you (including internationally, if required)!

Warehouse Size, Scope and Processes
Our Regional Distribution Facility in St. Louis offers more than 134,000 square feet of space, all barcoded, which improves our shipping and receiving process and keeps our inventory updated and accurate. Companywide, we stock more than $20 million of inventory. If you’re looking for a specific product, chances are we have it.

Our Regional Distribution Facility runs two shifts to pick and prep shipment for the next day, and we will stay until all products are pulled and verified. Our two-step verification process ensures we are getting our customers exactly what they ordered. One employee will pull a product, and another will check it to verify it is correct.

Industrial Customer Benefits
It can be overwhelming to look at your order and see multiple items listed. We offer kitting in which we can put together multiple items into a kit or bundle to order and receive as a single SKU.

When you place a large order, it can be frustrating when your shipment comes and you’re trying to organize and sort the material. To simplify this process, we developed a custom labeling system to make your receiving process easier. Each line on the packing slip shows what box a product is in, and we can color code each box to match your purchase order or packing slip to trim your receiving time, making you more efficient.

If you’re planning a large project, but don’t have the space to store all the products or your equipment, we can lease out space in our warehouse to customers for storage. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your products are stored in a safe place, and we will arrange for delivery when you are ready for them.

Contractor Customer Benefits
Like with the industrial benefits, we offer our contractor customers job storage options and will deliver to you when you are ready, including staging product for your projects. We offer mobile job site carts which allows you to keep materials stored, organized and prepped for projects.

We also have Tilt pipe carts that help move wire around and tip to get into elevators. This makes moving from floor to floor more manageable. The tile cart has been modified to handle bundles of conduit. By using the rotating sides of the cart is capable of easily moving bundles via elevators.

Another option we offer to help our contractors is metal wire reels. These help with heavy wire at job sites to keep them organized and make installation easier.

We want to hear from you. Your feedback is important, and helps push us to be our best. Is there anything you would like to see us do or offer that would make the customer experience better for you? Let us know!