Agilix Solutions has developed a reputation in the industry for helping manufacturers identify and capitalize on opportunities for improved plant performance. We offer services designed to ensure you’re operating productively and efficiently.

  • Installed Base Evaluation (IBE)*
  • Parts Management Agreements (PMAs)*
  • Asset Management Services*
  • Facility Identification Assessments
  • Drive Start-Up Assistance*
  • Thermography Scans for Preventive Maintenance
  • Technical Support Agreements*


Services Designed to Ensure Your Plant is Operating Productively & Efficiently

We have developed a reputation in the industry for helping manufacturers identify and capitalize on opportunities for improved plant performance.

Installed Base Evaluations (IBE)*

Agilix Solutions | Installed Based EvaluationsDoes your leadership team have a good handle on your organization’s industrial assets and controls?

If the answer to that question makes you a little uncomfortable, we get it. That’s precisely why many of our industrial customers have come to rely on Agilix Solutions for Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) services.

Our IBEs are designed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your integrated production systems and the associated technology to arm you with analytics and unlock the insights you need to reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

The IBE process is designed to help you easily answer these three critical questions:

  • Where are your drives, processors, and other system-critical electronic components located?
  • What age is your equipment, and is it at risk of obsolescence?
  • Do you have the parts on hand to properly maintain or replace your machines, and are those parts organized and ready if they’re needed?

If all of this seems a little overwhelming, you don’t have to take it on yourself. Our IBE Automation Audits have three predictable outcomes: First, you’ll be armed with the confidence that comes from truly understanding the condition of your systems and knowing your team will be ready when issues arise. You’ll also realize newfound efficiency, reducing your inventory to only the parts you need and eliminating unnecessary costs. Finally, you’ll reduce downtime. When you’re prepared for potential technology issues, nothing can catch you by surprise and they can be overcome quickly.

It’s time to feel good about your automated systems again. Agilix Solutions can help. Reach out to your Account Manager or contact our Asset Management Specialists today to get started.


Parts Management Agreements (PMAs)*

How do you define efficiency in your industrial operation? For most, efficiency is realized by any measure that reduces downtime, minimizes inventory costs, simplifies budgeting, and creates more flexibility across the organization’s inventory management strategies. A Parts Management Agreement (PMA) with Agilix Solutions allows our customers to capitalize on all four of those efficiencies and more.

PMAs from Agilix Solutions are designed to ensure you have timely access to critical spare parts without needing to expend capital. Through our PMA offering, Agilix Solutions provides customers with a flexible, easy-to-use, vendor-managed inventory program that ensures your team has access to critical spares on site, when and where you need them. We own and manage your inventory as part of a fee-based program, so you don’t purchase the part until you need it.


Parts Management Agreements Are the Smartest Way to Manage Inventory

There are significant risks and liabilities associated with managing your own spare parts inventory. A PMA eliminates the biggest ones, because:

  • You don’t own any of the parts in your inventory and there is no required number of turns.
  • Your 1-year warranty starts the day the box is opened, not the day it’s purchased.
  • Spare parts for equipment that become obsolete from your installed base don’t need to be written off. PMA stock can be returned and next-generation parts can easily be added to the agreement.


Improve Efficiency Across the Board with a PMA from Agilix Solutions

This is asset control at its best. With a PMA, there’s no more balancing act between having the inventory you need and being stuck with parts you’ve purchased and will never use. With a PMA, you will:

  1. Avoid unnecessary buildup over time and meet your service facility requirements without increasing your assets.
  2. Improve cash management, by minimizing your inventory-carry expenses and paying for your inventory in smaller increments over time.
  3. Avoid being stuck holding the bag for parts to equipment that is no longer part of your installed base.

If efficiency matters to your operation, a Parts Management Agreement from Agilix Solutions can put you back in control. Start the journey toward smarter inventory management by contacting your Agilix Solutions Account Manager or reaching out to your nearest branch today!

Drive Startup Assistance Services from Agilix Solutions

Do your engineering and maintenance teams possess the expertise required to install and start up new drives or systems? Do they know the wiring and grounding guidelines and application of power? Or do you need a specialist to give the drive a test run before it goes live in your production environment?

As an Agilix Solutions customer, you can leverage our extensive product knowledge and industry experience to get your new drive or system running, reducing the time between installation and startup.


Why Trust Drive Startup to Agilix Solutions?

Getting a new drive or system activated on time is critical to the growth of your business. Startup delays can limit productivity, which can lead to missed delivery times and lost revenue. Additionally, improper commissioning due to a knowledge or skills gap can create serious problems down the road. Agilix Solutions is here to make sure commissioning and startup of your new drive equipment goes smoothly and reliably.

We are your connection to startup assistance that will improve equipment operation and reduce your risk of performance problems and premature equipment failure. Experienced field service professionals follow a proven and standard process to verify that the necessary electrical, mechanical, and environmental criteria have been met.


We’re a Call Away

If delays and downtime are not an option for your facility, trust your drive startup to Agilix Solutions and our industry-leading partners to get your new equipment off to the best start possible.

Thermography Services

Excessive heat is a leading cause of equipment failure. But too often, by the time heat issues are identified, it’s too late. That’s why Agilix Solutions offers thermography services. Using a special heat-sensing camera, we’re able to identify abnormal heat issues that would otherwise be difficult to detect.

After we perform a thermographic survey, our thermography experts deliver a complete report that details hot points in any system, provides info on ambient temperature and specific temperature, shows which phase of operation is producing excessive heat, and details possible causes.


Where Can Thermography be Used?

Many people think of thermography strictly as an electrical service. And while we do electrical inspections, there are a variety of applications for thermography services:

  • Electrical
    • Identify deteriorated connections
    • Find three phase unbalance and overloads
    • Pinpoint hot or cool anomalies in substations
  • Motors
    • Compare bearing and housing temperature against known acceptable thermal values
    • Use exterior thermal casing gradient as an indicator of internal temperature
    • Measure heat in gearboxes to identify lubrication issues
  • Pipes – look for temperature anomalies to find leaks
  • Ducts – identify blockages and leaks in ventilation systems
  • Valves and Traps – Insure proper operation
  • Tanks and Vessels – Check liquid and gas levels, and identify settling or blocking of tubes
  • Roofs – Detect leakage and ensure proper seals
  • Insulation Defects – Find gaps in wall and ceiling insulation in rooms or building envelopes
  • Refrigerated Areas – Ensure proper seals
  • Hydraulic Systems – Identify potential failure points through temperature anomalies
  • IT/Computer Rooms – Identify additional cooling needs where hotspots exist

We recommend customers perform a thermography audit at least once a year, whether they are having heat-related issues or not. We offer more frequent services to help our customers prevent disaster and extend the life of their equipment.


Why Choose Agilix Solutions’ Thermography Services

There are three primary reasons to choose Agilix Solutions to perform your thermography audit:

  • Consistency – Some customers purchase a thermographic camera with the intent to perform their own thermography audits. Often, it’s a low priority that gets forgotten. When you partner with Agilix Solutions, identifying heat issues in your equipment will be a “set it and forget it” task you won’t need to worry about.
  • Affordability – Agilix Solutions’ thermography services are competitively priced to ensure you receive maximum value for your investment.
  • Safety – Heat related equipment problems pose all sorts of potential safety risks. Our team is trained to conduct safe inspections using the proper PPE for each thermographic audit.

Agilix Solutions’ thermography team is certified through The Snell Group, a respected thermographic equipment and training organization. We deploy trained personnel using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accuracy you can rely on. Contact us today to schedule your next thermographic audit and experience the Agilix Solutions difference.

Technical Support Agreements

Agilix Solutions is a Rockwell Automation authorized distributor of Allen-Bradley products and technologies. That designation means we are your direct partner for Rockwell Automation’s TechConnectSM support. Whether it is to quickly resolve production issues, improve training, or streamline software updates, purchasing a TechConnect Support agreement can provide the knowledge and support needed to address your top challenges.

The TechConnect experts field 2,000+ calls each day, in 20 languages. Their global team of more than 450 engineers have seen it all and are prepared to help you overcome your automation challenges. They are available 24×7 and have an industry-leading 84% first contact resolution rate, in which the first engineer you talk to will be able to resolve your issue.


Four Levels of TechConnect Support to Suit Your Needs

We realize not every company’s needs are the same. Rockwell Automation offers four progressive levels of TechConnect support to address a wide variety of business needs.

  • Self-Assist Support: This is the base level of TechConnect Support. It provides you with software maintenance, access to Rockwell Automation’s Online Support Center, a Digital Assist Library subscription, and optional discounted Learning+ subscription.
  • Product Support: The Product Support level offers everything in Self-Assist, with some valuable upgrades. You’ll have access to real-time product phone support, live chat, Live View SupportTM, Software Maintenance II (which includes software update media and emergency software replacement) and access to Rockwell Automation’s vast on-demand library of Genius Webinars.
  • System Support: At the System Support level, customers will enjoy everything from Product Support, plus a few additional key offerings. You’ll have real-time system remote support as well as access to system-level support engineers who have extensive experience in the industrial automation field. They are your primary contact and will stay with you until your issue is resolved.
  • Application Support: Application Support is the premium option in the TechConnect family. In addition to all the tools in the previous levels, customers will receive real-time application support from a design support team via dedicated telephone and email contacts. Application Support also comes with administration services like emergency backup, performance tuning, guaranteed field service call-out, and a variety of managed services. Finally, this level of TechConnect support is the only one that includes remote monitoring services. Automation experts will monitor your critical assets and have the resources to troubleshoot and resolve issues in real time.


Access to Discounted Learning+ Subscription

All four levels of TechConnect support come with an optional discounted subscription to Rockwell Automation’s value-packed Learning+ library. Without TechConnect, your only option is to purchase 90-day access for a single class. TechConnect customers can get 365-day access to all 30 Learning+ classes for the same price as six single class purchases for non-customers. Tech Connect is the best option for keeping your team’s skills fresh with Learning+.


Agilix Solutions is Your Portal to TechConnect

Technical troubles cause all sorts of problems that inhibit productivity. Contact your Account Manager to learn more about how Agilix Solutions can give you the support and peace of mind you need with TechConnect from Rockwell Automation.



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*Agilix Solutions is authorized to distribute Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Software and Rockwell Automation products in select geographic areas. Contact us for more information.