Photo of a man using Southwire SIMpull coil packs for wire installation ease.

Agilix Labor-Saving Solutions Help You Do More with Less

Companies have always sought technology and tools to help them accomplish more with fewer resources. But in 2023, it’s become a requirement. The gap between help wanted and help available is razor thin, and the labor market has become increasingly competitive. Savvy business leaders are recognizing “do more with less” as more than a trend. […]

metal worker using 3m cubitron II quality abrasives

3M Cubitron II Sets a New Standard for Quality Abrasives

Think of all the ways our businesses have benefited from innovation in the past decade alone. Advancements in technology have enabled us to increase productivity, create safer working environments, cut material and production costs, and do more work with fewer people. Now, 3MTM has delivered innovation tailored to help you realize all those benefits from […]

Proactive Solutions for Leading Edge Fall Protection

Imagine this: one of your workers is working on a high platform. They are well-trained and equipped with fall-protection, and you’re confident in the precautions taken for their safety. Then the worst happens: they fall. Their fall protection should go into action, stopping their fall, but the lanyard holding them up hits the edge they […]