gears in a motor to demonstrate Agilix Solutions' power transmission capabilities

Agilix Solutions is Your Local Power Transmission Powerhouse

Today, Agilix Solutions is known for supporting our customers with a wide variety of top-notch products and value-added services. But we have a rich history in power transmission. In fact, our St. Louis branch began as a motor repair shop in 1923 and our partnership with Allen-Bradley, now known as Rockwell Automation, goes back almost […]

reducer fuses from Mersen

Decrease Current Rating Safely & Permanently with Reducer Fuses from Mersen

Forward thinking manufacturers don’t build for today’s needs, but for tomorrow’s. In a new or newly expanded manufacturing facility there’s often a ramp up period for production and electrical demand. What does the electrician do with available power the facility isn’t yet ready to use? To answer that question, Mersen introduced Reducer Fuses. Reducer Fuses […]