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Solutions for Commercial Properties

We support a wide variety of commercial properties including retail, office buildings, healthcare, education, hotels, and multi-family housing. Whether you manage a single building or have multiple holdings spanning several states, Agilix Solutions has the expertise and experience to support your electrical, datacom, power transmission, lighting, solar, industrial and safety supply needs.

Our commercial customers count on us to deliver the products, technical services, and solutions they need to proactively reduce their facilities’ total lifecycle costs while adapting to future development.

Empower & Elevate Your Commercial Facility

In the world of commercial facilities, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are crucial factors in achieving operational excellence. We specialize in offering tailored services designed to meet the unique needs of commercial facilities. We work closely with facility owners and managers to identify cost-saving opportunities, streamline operations, and enhance energy efficiency. Let us support your efforts to drive efficiency, productivity, and long-term savings in your commercial facility.

News for Commercial Facilities

Identify & Mitigate Thermal Issues with a Control Cabinet Cooling Audit

With summer heat coming soon, proactive identification of critical hot spots can mean the difference between equipment failure and cool running. Heat [...]

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EVC48 from RAB Provides Next-Level EV Charging Capabilities

For over 75 years, RAB has been a pioneer in the lighting industry. As technology has evolved, so has their expertise. That’s why it’s no surprise [...]

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Brady is Simplifying Safety on the Plant Floor

Safety is the number one priority in any manufacturing environment. Historically, that’s meant a well-documented, detailed lockout procedure, confin [...]

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