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We support a wide variety of commercial properties including retail, office buildings, healthcare, education, hotels, and multi-family housing. Whether you manage a single building or have multiple holdings spanning several states, Agilix Solutions has the expertise and experience to support your electrical, datacom, power transmission, lighting, solar, industrial and safety supply needs.

Our commercial customers count on us to deliver the products, technical services, and solutions they need to proactively reduce their facilities’ total lifecycle costs while adapting to future development.

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News & Updates

Photo of a man using Southwire SIMpull coil packs for wire installation ease.

Agilix Labor-Saving Solutions Help You Do More with Less

Companies have always sought technology and tools to help them accomplish more with fewer resources. But in 2023, it’s become a requirement. The gap between help wanted and help available is razor thin, and the labor market has become increasingly competitive. Savvy business leaders are recognizing “do more with less” as more than a trend. […]

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Switchgear in an industrial facility

Supply Chain Makes Planning for Switchgear Failure Your Top Priority

Everyone has some form of power distribution equipment in their facility. There’s a good chance your Agilix Solutions Account Manager has talked to you at least once about ensuring you’re prepared for its potential and inevitable failure. We’ve seen first-hand, on several occasions, the impact and cost of downtime and workarounds required to restore complex […]

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Person washing their hands in the workplace to prevent illness.

New Hand Hygiene Tools to Prevent Workplace Illness

“There must be some kind of bug going around.” How many times have you heard or said those words at work in response to someone being out sick? 2023 has started off as a rough one for illnesses. From your standard cold viruses to nastier sicknesses, germs have a way of travelling through the workplace. […]

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