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Time is Money, Right?

Agilix Solutions | Prefabrication & Assembly ServicesThat’s why Agilix Solutions offers prefabrication and assembly services designed to minimize the time your team spends assembling and maximize productivity. Your technicians possess specialized skill sets. Utilizing the Agilix team to assemble and kit your solutions frees them up to focus on the job at hand.

Our team follows a documented process to ensure whoever is performing assembly is doing it to your exact specifications. Here’s a list of just some of the prefab, assembly, and kitting services we perform:

  • Push-button pendant assembly
  • Mounting din rail and components in enclosures
  • Pre-cut holes in enclosures to mount push buttons and components
  • Cut and label cord assemblies
  • Preassemble disconnects
  • Assemble starters
  • Assemble wiring harnesses to spec
  • Assemble and label terminal blocks
  • Kitting and labeling components for future assembly

Our prefab and assembly services are competitively priced to ensure you’re saving money and making a wise investment.


HOFFMAN Certified Modification Center

As a nVent HOFFMAN Certified Modification Center, Agilix Solutions is capable of drilling, tapping, and milling in virtually any shape, size, or enclosure material. Working with existing CAD files, customers are able to easily order enclosures and back panels modified to their precise specifications from our local inventory, dramatically improving lead time.


We’re Your Partner in Productivity

All of the services we provide are tailored to helping our customers operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Ask your Account Manager how our prefab and assembly services can be put to work on your next project.

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