Reduce Energy Consumption, Ensure Power Quality & Comply With Applicable Government Regulations

How much money are you losing to inefficient energy consumption? Agilix Solutions specializes in helping customers answer that question and develop and implement a plan to address their energy management and power quality goals. We offer a variety of tests, audits, and assessments to get a clear picture of your energy savings opportunities, and have the expertise to recommend a plan for capitalizing on them.  We also know which changes can net you cash back with utility rebates and energy incentive programs.

Energy & Power Quality Assessments

Power and power quality issues can have detrimental effects on operations in industrial and commercial facilities if not properly managed. We will cover a variety of topics – generators, UPSs, switchgear and surge products – to help you better understand procedures, industry standards, means to proactively manage problems and products to help ease the impact of power issues.

Inefficient water, air, gas, electric and steam (WAGES) usage can rob your organization of profits. Learn how to prioritize your WAGES equation with a focus on electric conservation solutions including lighting, motor and drive upgrades and solar installations.

Switchgear Maintenance & Testing

Electrical systems are essential to almost every other system a building has, and maintenance is required to keep them running properly.  All equipment eventually reaches the end of its useful life, but well-maintained equipment lasts 35 years on average, as opposed to 17 years for unmaintained equipment.

Agilix Solutions represents numerous manufacturer partners who can help you prolong your distribution switchgear or identify your potential issues. Our goal is to help you expand the lifespan of your existing switchgear if you are not in a position to fully upgrade at this time.

Facility Lighting & Energy Solutions

Agilix Solutions offers lighting design services and a comprehensive line of fixtures, lamps, ballasts, LED drivers, dimmers, sensors and controls for all your lighting projects. Let our team help you use light to accomplish your corporate goals whether they are enhancing productivity, maximizing comfort and safety or reducing your environmental impact.


Facility Lighting & Energy AuditsFacility Lighting Audits | Agilix Solutions

Facility lighting and energy audits thoroughly analyze your existing lighting system and provide upgrade recommendations.

  • Manufacturing/Commercial: Agilix Solutions can help you use the power of light to accomplish your corporate goals, whether they include enhancing productivity, maximizing comfort and safety, or reducing energy consumption.
  • Education: Educational facilities face unique challenges, from resource management to shrinking budgets, while providing a quality learning environment supporting student needs.  Agilix Solutions supports public school districts, private elementary and secondary schools and higher education institutions across the Midwest. Providers like you depend on us to deliver products, technical services and solutions to maintain and upgrade your educational facilities. We’ll help you make smart, informed decisions that enhance your efficiency and productivity while reducing maintenance and energy costs. From classrooms and athletic fields to residence halls, Agilix Solutions can provide solutions to support and enhance the student experience.


Lighting Layouts & Designs

Lighting layouts identify the products needed for your application and allow you to see the light distribution in your space utilizing sustainable, fully integrated solutions from industry-leading manufacturers.

Project proposals allow you to evaluate actual benefits, costs, advantages and return on investment (ROI) calculations to make your lighting and energy management decision.


Lighting Project Management

Project management services to assist you with the procurement and logistical details including: project quotes, order confirmation, shipment tracking and scheduling delivery

Utility Rebates & Energy Incentive Programs

Energy-efficient upgrades to your buildings or systems can reduce energy consumption and decrease your energy costs. To offset the initial investment in energy efficient products, utilities in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas have developed programs offering cash incentives for customers to go Green.

Our Energy Specialists offer service and support in the following areas:

  • Lighting (Upgrades & Retrofits)
  • Solar (Photovoltaic)
  • Motors/Drives
  • Energy Management Systems

No matter where your facility is located, our team can help you take advantage of applicable utility rebates and energy incentive programs.

Solar Solutions

Agilix Solutions can help you expand your solar business by providing value-added solutions, in addition to top-quality solar products.

We offer:

  • Custom designed systems from premium solar manufacturers, including quote generation assistance to support sales proposals
  • Technical support to help close sales and complete installations, including project engineering and drawings
  • Value added services including bill of material (BOM), material hold for release, project staging and kitting, and delivery
  • Technical product and sales training to shorten the learning curve and keep you informed of new technology and manufacturers

If you are looking to partner with a solar distributor, you need to be able to depend on quality products, available inventory, and a team dedicated to helping your business thrive. That is what you get when you partner with Agilix Solutions.

Agilix Solutions installed a Solar Testing and Learning Center at our corporate headquarters in St. Louis. It is designed to test and demonstrate a wide variety of components and technologies to help customers interested in solar make informed decisions.

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