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Comprehensive Lockout Tagout Compliance

Agilix Solutions | Lockout TagoutIf employee safety is your number one concern, you need a comprehensive Lockout Tagout (LOTO) program. Agilix Solutions brings decades of experience helping customers develop a LOTO program that’s thorough, compliant, and easy to follow.

We offer a variety of options through our industry-leading partners, from providing the LOTO products that meet specific equipment requirements, through providing training and documentation, to performing required annual audits to help ensure compliance.


Important Lockout Tagout Questions to Consider

Leadership at any safety-compliant production facility should be able to answer these four questions:

  • What equipment in our facility requires a lockout-tagout procedure?
  • Do we have all the necessary components and devices required to successfully perform a LOTO procedure on each of these machines?
  • Are our authorized employees trained to fully understand our current Lockout Tagout procedures?
  • Does our current LOTO policy meet all the requirements necessary for OSHA compliance?

If you don’t have definitive answers to these four questions, or the answers leave you a bit uneasy, Agilix Solutions can help.


Your Local LOTO Source

If you’re just getting started, we can help you sort out the details. If you already have a LOTO plan in place that needs a review or audit, we can help. The Agilix Solutions network of LOTO partners is here to assist with your team’s safety and your facility’s compliance.

Contact your account manager or nearest branch to take the first step.

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