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Do You Know the Locations of Arc Flash Hazards in Your Facility?

Agilix Solutions | Arc Flash Hazard AssessmentAgilix Solutions and our arc flash hazard partners work with customers to conduct a comprehensive overview of your facility’s power system and develop a program to ensure NFPA compliance.

Our arc flash hazard risk assessment services will help your leadership team know where arc flash hazards are located, employees know the latest safety regulations and procedures, and confirm all power systems are up to date with the latest certification standards.


Arc Flash Hazard Risk Assessment Process

We work with our partners to facilitate a thorough process for identifying and mitigating arc flash hazards, including:

  • A model of your electrical system in the form of updated one-line drawings
  • An arc flash analysis of all power systems
  • Short circuit and Protective Device Coordination studies
  • Protective device coordination improvement information
  • Mitigation solutions and recommendations on setting equipment
  • Ongoing safety program that doubles as a safety policy
  • Permits and safety training for all contractors and employees required to work on live electrical circuits

Our partners also offer updates for both existing and obsolete arc flash studies, as well as annual maintenance agreements to ensure you remain on top of changes that could have an impact on existing arc flash studies.


Ensure Safety and Meet Compliance Requirements

There are three primary outcomes of a successful arc flash hazard analysis:

  • Peace of mind: Identifying arc flash hazards and educating employees will help you know you’ve taken proactive steps to protect them.
  • Higher performance: By deploying our equipment settings and correction recommendations, you’ll ensure your equipment is performing efficiently, decreasing the risk of arc flash hazards.
  • Compliance: These studies are designed to help you meet or exceed the requirements of CSA Z462, IEE-1584, and NFPA 70E regulations.

Contact your account manager to learn how Agilix Solutions and our partners can help you provide a safe and compliant workplace for your team.

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