Discover Our Rich Legacy: Agilix Solutions Corporate Timeline

Welcome to the journey of Agilix Solutions, where history merges with innovation to create a powerful force in the realm of electrical distribution. Let us take you through the remarkable timeline that has shaped our legacy and brought us to the forefront of the industry.

Agilix Solutions History - Riechman Crosby Company building in downtown Memphis

1895 – 1914: Pioneering Beginnings

  • The Riechman Crosby Company is founded in Memphis as a mill supply house, catering to lumber mills, cotton oil mills, and cotton gins in the Mid-South, setting the stage for a legacy of service.
  • 1914 marks the establishment of French Electric, a modest motor repair shop in downtown St. Louis. This humble beginning sowed the seeds for a journey of excellence.

1915 – 1920s: Laying the Cornerstone

  • In a pivotal turn, French Electric acquires Electrical Machinery Company in 1923, giving birth to French Gerleman Electric Company Inc.
  • Simultaneously in 1923, the Riechman Crosby Company initiates an electrical department, acknowledging the burgeoning demand in the industrial supply market.
  • Responding to evolving needs, Hays Supply Company is founded in 1927, serving a range of industries from agricultural implements to automobile aftermarket and welding trade.
French Gerleman Electric's original headquarters in St. Louis, MO - Agilix History
In 1935, French Gerleman and Riechman Crosby establish distribution relationships with Allen-Bradley Company

1930s – 1940s: Navigating Challenges

  • The resilience of French Gerleman shines through as they strategically sell 25-cycle motors for the Panama Canal during the Great Depression, a move that sustains the company through challenging times.
  • In 1935, French Gerleman and Riechman Crosby establish distribution relationships with Allen-Bradley Company, a strategic move that set the stage for future growth.

1950s – 1960s: Forging Ahead

  • The year 1958 witnesses the merger of Riechman Crosby Company and Hays Supply Company, leading to the birth of Riechman Crosby Hays Company, Inc. Within this, RCH Electric is formed, dedicated to serving the electrical contractor market.
Agilix Solutions History - 1958 witnesses the merger of Riechman Crosby Company and Hays Supply Company, leading to the birth of Riechman Crosby Hays Company, Inc.
The French Gerleman team outside of our St. Louis office

1970s – 1980s: Pioneering Innovation

  • In 1980, French Gerleman introduces an internal systems integration business unit. This pioneering move complements industrial automation sales and paves the way for Applied Technologies.
  • 1985 marks the birth of Industrial Automation Controls (IAC Supply Solutions), stemming from the partition of RCH’s electrical business from its industrial counterpart.
  • In 1988, French Gerleman takes yet another leap, creating a construction division.

1990s – 2010s: Embracing Technology

  • French Gerleman strengthens its technological prowess by entering the data communications and networking industry in 1995, enhancing its ability to provide comprehensive technology solutions.
  • The horizon broadens further as IAC acquires Arkansas Industrial Electric in 1999, expanding its presence into Arkansas.
  • 2001 marks a significant addition to French Gerleman’s offerings with the establishment of a Power Transmission division encompassing mechanical components.
IAC opens a new branch in Bartlett, TN
  • IAC continues to grow with the 2003 strategic acquisition of the Bartlett branch from Stewart Brothers Wholesale Co.
  • In 2014, IAC merges with RCH, reintegrating the electrical and industrial supply divisions into a single company.
  • French Gerleman earns The Bradley Cup Award from Rockwell Automation in 2019.  It is awarded to the North American distributor that achieves the highest composite score across a group of metrics in sales and operational excellence during the Rockwell fiscal year.
Agilix Solutions History - French Gerleman delivery trucks at loading docks
Agilix Solutions | Delivery Services

Agilix Solutions: The Unveiling

  • 2021: French Gerleman and IAC Supply Solutions merge to give birth to Agilix Solutions, a name synonymous with excellence in electrical distribution and innovation. Agilix is a combination of the words “agility” and “excellence.” It reflects our commitment to being a nimble and adaptable organization that provides excellent solutions to its customers.
  • The year 2022 is a testament to our journey as Agilix Solutions is recognized among the largest privately held companies in St. Louis and Memphis.  It also ranked as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in St. Louis.

The Future is Bright

Agilix Solutions is committed to building on our rich legacy and continuing to be a leader in the electrical distribution industry. We are excited about the future and what we can achieve together.

Join us in celebrating more than a century of achievement, innovation, and unwavering commitment. The best is yet to come!