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Jobsite Product Storage & Project Management Options

Jobsites are busy places and — if you’re not careful — it’s easy for supplies to disappear. While you’re busy on your project, unauthorized personnel can help themselves to your job material – costing you time and money.

Jobsite Mobile Inventory Management

  • Agilix Solutions Jobsite Storage TrailerProject Trailer: Agilix Solutions can provide you with a job site project trailer to store your material and keep it secure while your team is on your job site. In addition, Agilix Solutions can monitor your inventory levels and replenish as required.
  • Mobile Job Cart & Fixture Cart: Mobile job site carts offer your electricians complete mobility and flexibility on the job site. No more searching for the right parts or boxes — everything is loaded on the cart, placed in individual compartments and easily accessible. Help cut labor costs, reduce spending and protect your inventory from loss and theft.  As parts are used, Agilix Solutions will monitor inventory levels on the mobile storage carts and replenish as needed so your team can remain focused on the job at hand.  We’ll update the bills of material for each project stage.
  • Mobile Conduit Carrier Cart: Agilix Solutions offers mobile conduit carrier carts that allow electricians to position entire runs of conduit right at the install site, improving overall job efficiency.  Its slim design is great for narrow areas, such as doorways or hallways, where a forklift cannot fit. The heavy-duty base frame provides peak capacity with a minimal footprint. Locking rigid casters prevent unwanted load movement, while the swivel casters and welded handles improve ergonomics during transportation.
  • Conduit Tilt Cart: Move bundles of conduit up an elevator with ease.  Offer your electricians increased mobility on the job site with our conduit tilt carts.  A convenient option available to electrical contractors from Agilix Solutions, the cart accommodates up to 1,400 pounds of conduit material. Use it with the rotating sides up to move bundles of conduit up an elevator with ease. Or use it with the sides down and transport sheet stock material.
  • Flat Trailer: It can be a challenge to move long pieces of PVC conduit or other materials around your job site.  To help, Agilix Solutions offers a flat cart to help save labor when installing long runs.  Simply hook it up to a pickup truck and move it around your job site during installation.
  • Tool Management & Rentals: Let Agilix Solutions develop a tool program – purchased and/or rental – to meet the needs of your project.


Agilix Solutions | 4 bay metal wire reel

Wire & Cable Management

  • Mobile A-Frame Wire Reels:  3-bay and 4-bay options to allow for safe and efficient parallel pulling.
  • Mobile Wire Cages & Dispensing Carts: Delivered to where it’s needed on your jobsite, allowing you to dispense and securely store up to 18 reels.
  • Wire Barrel Hand Trucks: Easily transport barrels through narrow doorways and across rough surfaces and dispense where needed throughout the jobsite.
  • Specialty Smart Reels & Flanges: Agilix Solutions works with the industry’s most innovative manufacturers who have made tremendous technology advances in cable reel technology to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to move, position, and pull cable.


Bulk Material Management

mobile conduit cart for remote inventory managementWe offer a wide variety of bulk material services tailored to helping you manage large quantities of cable, wire, conduit, and other materials on the job site.

  • Bulk Material Procurement
  • Onsite & Offsite Capabilities
  • Staging & Kitting
  • Fabrication & Assembly
  • Custom Delivery Options


Agilix Solutions | SupplyMaster Vending SolutionsVending Solutions

  • Carousels
  • Lockers
  • Weigh Stations
  • CabLocks
  • Tool Boxes
  • Tool Rooms


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