Material Modification & Assembly Solutions – Customized to Your Project

We partner with nVent HOFFMAN to offer a variety of services designed to quickly deliver fully customized enclosures to fit your specifications. We also offer configured product solutions when quick assembly and installation time are critical.

We have in-house labeling and ID services for a wide variety of applications and terminal block marking to help you minimize labor and error from marking by hand.

With our Rack & Stack services, we help IT teams select products to meet their tech requirements and procure, stage, assemble, rack, and cable their datacenter equipment at our main distribution center. You receive a prebuilt solution ready to plug and play.

HOFFMAN on Demand

Get the solution you need when your business demands it.

The quick ship program, HOFFMAN on Demand, is designed to give you faster access to a full range of industry-leading enclosure and thermal management solutions from nVent HOFFMAN.

This quick ship program from nVent HOFFMAN ensures you have faster access to industry-leading enclosure and thermal management solutions. As an authorized HOFFMAN on Demand distributor, we have ready-to-ship, local stock of a full range of products fulfill virtually every application need, including:

  • Pushbutton, junction box, wall-mount, free-stand, floor-mount and modular enclosures
  • HMI and industrial wireway
  • Thermal management solutions
  • Accessories

You can rely on us to have the products you need available now.

Check out the full HOFFMAN on Demand items list.

Express Enclosure Modification

Agilix Solutions is a Hoffman Certified Modification Center (HCMC), which means we can quickly deliver enclosures and back panels specific to your design using our Steinhauer ModCenter, an automated state-of-the-art CNC machine that can drill, tap, and mill in virtually any shape, size, or enclosure material.

Choose from our in-stock nVent HOFFMAN inventory, provide us with your modification specs, and receive your custom modified enclosure or back panel much sooner than possible with factory modifications.


Reasons to Choose Enclosure Modification from Agilix Solutions

  • Our automated Steinhauer CNC machine eliminates human error to provide precisely the solution you need.
  • Eliminate mistakes that result from measuring, cutting, and drilling in the field.
  • Lead times for our express services are a fraction of the multi-week wait time you’ll experience when ordering custom solutions from the manufacturer.
  • You’ll experience cost savings by eliminating the financial risk of errors, reducing downtime, and redirecting your skilled team to focus on profit-driving activity.
  • Ordering is incredibly simple – using your existing designs or CAD files, we can quote and deliver the product quickly.


Custom Modifications with Off-the-Shelf Turnaround

You no longer have to sacrifice convenience to achieve a custom enclosure solution. You can get the best of both worlds with Express Enclosure Modification services from Agilix Solutions. Contact your Account Manager, or call your nearest branch location to discuss your next project.

Prefabrication & Assembly Services

Time is money, right? That’s why Agilix Solutions offers prefabrication and assembly services designed to minimize the time your team spends assembling and maximize productivity. Your technicians possess specialized skill sets. Utilizing the Agilix team to assemble and kit your solutions frees them up to focus on the job at hand.

Our team follows a documented process to ensure whoever is performing assembly is doing it to your exact specifications. Here’s a list of just some of the prefab, assembly, and kitting services we perform:

  • Push-button pendant assembly
  • Mounting din rail and components in enclosures
  • Pre-cut holes in enclosures to mount push buttons and components
  • Cut and label cord assemblies
  • Preassemble disconnects
  • Assemble starters
  • Assemble wiring harnesses to spec
  • Assemble and label terminal blocks
  • Kitting and labeling components for future assembly

Our prefab and assembly services are competitively priced to ensure you’re saving money and making a wise investment.


HOFFMAN Certified Modification Center

As a HOFFMAN Certified Modification Center, Agilix Solutions is capable of drilling, tapping, and milling in virtually any shape, size, or enclosure material. Working with existing CAD files, customers are able to easily order enclosures and back panels modified to their precise specifications from our local inventory, dramatically improving lead time.


We’re Your Partner in Productivity

All of the services we provide are tailored to helping our customers operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Ask your Account Manager how our prefab and assembly services can be put to work on your next project.

Identification (ID) Solutions

You have a variety of labeling needs throughout your facility and on your equipment. We offer fast, convenient and customizable identification options for your specific manufacturing or equipment applications. Just tell us what you need. We will provide you with the right signage, tags, labels and markers.

We can customize labeling for a variety of applications, including:

  • Wire and cable
  • Inspection and inventory
  • Safety
  • Harsh environment
  • Panels
  • Washdown areas
  • Pipe markers
  • Electrical
  • Chemical and hazardous materials
  • Arc flash
  • Lockout tagout
  • Product or equipment identification
  • Production line
  • Storeroom parts/SKU identification

Terminal Block Marking

It’s all about efficient identification of your connections. Match the correct wire with the right terminal block location in your panel. We offer a complete marking solution for your terminal blocks.  Take advantage of our in-house printing services and avoid marking your labels by hand. A variety of markers are available: snap-in, hinged and self-adhesive, as well as linked markers for more efficient installation.

Rack & Stack

Save internal information technology (IT) resources, maintain the focus on your IT initiatives and eliminate unpredictability with our professional installation service.

We can recommend products to meet your technology requirements, procure, stage, assemble, rack and cable your datacenter equipment at our main distribution center. Let us ship you a complete solution ready for installation.

Eliminate the labor-intensive tasks each time new a server cluster, storage device(s) or networking gear is installed. We can manage the set-up, assembly and installation of hardware into cabinets and racks. We will fully set-up your new hardware components prior to shipping to your facility, ensuring consistency and exceptionally high quality.

We can assemble and help with:

  • Rack layout and design
  • Receive and unpack hardware
  • Professional assembly and mounting in racks
  • Power and network cables provisioning and installation
  • Intra-cabinet cabling as required
  • Identification and labeling
  • Documentation, including serial number, cable list, layout and cable runs

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