Is There Anything More Disruptive to Production Than Not Having a Part When You Need It?

With inventory management services from Agilix Solutions, you can rest assured you won’t be caught in that situation.

We provide these services to ensure our customers are always appropriately stocked, and never overstocked. Proper inventory management leads to less downtime and more predictable parts and supply budgets.

SupplyMaster Inventory Management Services

How effectively is your company managing inventory? Whether you’re experiencing downtime, sitting on too many of one part and two few of another, or simply struggling to keep up with the ebb and flow of demand, join the growing list of teams depending on SupplyMaster by Agilix Solutions for a better integrated supply solution.

SupplyMaster is a service offered by Agilix Solutions to help customers ensure their team has the resources they need to remain productive. Whether you’re new to outsourced inventory management or looking for a new partner to better serve your organization’s unique needs, SupplyMaster from Agilix Solutions has you covered.


Three Tiers of Service to Support a Variety of Needs

Agilix Solutions | SupplyMaster Vending SolutionsWe offer three tiers of SupplyMaster programs, to serve a wide variety of customers depending on inventory management demands:

  • SupplyMaster Essential: In this traditional vendor managed inventory arrangement, Agilix Solutions assigns an Account Manager and/or SupplyMaster Specialist to stock and label shelves and bins, deliver products, and offer kitting services as needed.
  • SupplyMaster Pro: For customers with a bigger inventory budget who need an upgraded experience, we offer SupplyMaster Pro. At this level, we deploy and stock vending machines and provide KPI reporting to help you make better-informed inventory decisions.
  • SupplyMaster Pro Plus: This is the complete storeroom management solution, providing the services of the first two tiers along with a dedicated, full-time Agilix Solutions inventory management expert and access to Specialists when you need them.


Inventory Management that Impacts the Bottom Line

SupplyMaster is your organization’s key to achieving a faster time to market, lower total cost of ownership, improved asset utilization, and enterprise risk management. Contact your nearest branch or reach out to your Account Manager to take control of your inventory management with SupplyMaster from Agilix Solutions.

Mobile Inventory Management

At Agilix Solutions, we take pride in being so much more than a parts distributor. Our team of industry experts brings you the latest comprehensive products along with a complement of logistical and technical services.

We incorporate value-added services, including inventory management and logistics solutions to help you streamline operations.

Our offering includes:

  • Project Trailers
  • Mobile Job Carts
  • Vending Solutions
  • Wire Dispensing Carts
  • Compartmentalized Wire Reels

Vending Solutions

When it’s important to track the use of consumable assets while minimizing the downtime associated with ordering new stock, our vending solutions are the perfect fit.  SupplyMaster offers vending machine solutions ranging from coil to carousel to tool room entrances.  Our software and hardware solutions allow you to make well-informed inventory decisions based on accurate product usage data.

Options include:

  • Carousels
  • Lockers
  • Weigh Stations
  • CabLocks
  • Tool Boxes
  • Tool Rooms

Machining Solutions

Let Agilix Solutions help you manage your cutting tools and coolants. Our machining services help you apply the right tools, tool holders, and coolants for milling, tapping, grinding, drilling, and turning. We can help minimize tool usage and maximize productivity while maintaining quality.

First Aid Management

First aid is crucial—especially in the workplace.  Agilix Solutions offers first aid inventory management as an option with our SupplyMaster services to make sure every first aid station is well-equipped with supplies.  Our program that restocks your cabinets on a regular basis, typically four weeks.

Just like our other SupplyMaster programs, you can keep your stock updated through our mobile app, or let us manage your inventory for you. If you’re already in our SupplyMaster program, First Aid can go hand-in-hand as both areas can be restocked at the same time.

Fuse Consolidation Program

Is your fuse inventory out of control?  Agilix Solutions can facilitate an audit to help you improve safety, streamline inventory, decrease operating costs and reduce downtime.

Lubricant Assessment & Color-Coding Program

Are you confident your team is using the correct lubricant on your facility’s equipment?  Agilix Solutions can facilitate an on-site lubrication assessment determine your exact lubricant requirements and identify opportunities for lubricant inventory consolidation.  Our partners can also help you develop a program using color-coded machinery tags help prevent lubricant misapplication and ensure that the proper lubricant is used when servicing a piece of equipment. Based on a complete plant survey, tags can be provided for each piece of equipment in your plant.

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