Order an in-stock item by 3:00 p.m. CST and get it the next day.

Specific restrictions apply. Refer to details below.


Credit Approval
All orders placed on online pending credit approval by the Agilix Solutions credit department. Credit card orders require authorization prior to shipment of order. Orders may be subject to delay due to credit limits or failed credit card authorizations. Minimum order charges may apply.

Agilix Solutions Truck Delivery
Orders for in-stock merchandise received by 3:00 p.m. CST will be delivered by an Agilix Solutions truck the next business day. Exceptions may occur when planned routes for a certain area/region are in place. Check with your local Agilix Solutions office to verify the date you will receive your order via our truck. Note: Some geographic restrictions and/or minimum order requirements may apply.

UPS & FedEx Shipments
Orders for in-stock merchandise received by 3:00 p.m. CST will be picked up the same business day by the carrier. Delivery will be based on the method chosen by customer during the checkout process.

Will Call Orders
Will Call orders for in-stock merchandise received by 3:00 p.m. CST will be available for pick-up at your local Agilix Solutions office by 7:00 a.m. the next business day. Will Call Same Day orders for in-stock merchandise will be available for pick up at your local Agilix Solutions office. Note: Some restrictions may apply based on quantity ordered and/or requested item modifications, charges, or special wire cuts.

Order confirmations will show the quantity of each line item on an order that is backordered. All out-of-stock and backordered products are subject to estimated shipping and delivery dates provided by the manufacturer and are subject to change without notice. Agilix Solutions will make every effort to inform you of any delays to your order provided by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Stock
Items on the website may show the manufacturer has the item in stock at their own warehouses and/or distribution centers. If any of these items are ordered and there is not inventory available at an Agilix Solutions warehouse, the item will be backordered, shipped to the appropriate Agilix Solutions warehouse, and then delivered to you in a timely manner. These items fall outside our normal delivery times due to the nature of backorders and when a manufacturer ships the item to us. Please contact your Agilix Solutions representative to get an estimated delivery date for an item that the website shows as In Stock at the manufacturer or to have an item drop shipped from the manufacturer.

Order History Stage Information:
Ordered – Your order has been received by Agilix Solutions and is being reviewed before to being sent to the warehouse.

  • Picked – Your order is in the Agilix Solutions warehouse and is being prepared for shipment. If an order is placed via the Will Call or Will Call Same Day shipping method, the order will remain in this stage until it is picked up. Please note orders delivered by Agilix Solutions truck service remain in this stage until the shipment is signed for at time of delivery (currently applies to St. Louis and Kansas City locations only).
  • Shipped – Your order has been shipped via the selected shipping method. Please note for orders shipped by Agilix Solutions truck, this means your order has been delivered (current applies to St. Louis and Kansas City locations only).
  • Invoiced* – Your order has been shipped and your order invoice has been printed. You will receive the invoice for this order in a timely manner.
  • Paid* – Your invoice for this order has been paid and the order has been closed.

*Credit card orders will automatically go to Paid the day after your order has been shipped because the credit card payment method was used. You will not receive an invoice requiring further payment unless additional freight is required per the Agilix Solutions customer service department.