Send/Receive EDI Transactions

Agilix Solutions | EDI OrderingAre you looking for a time saving option to handle more frequent transactions with Agilix Solutions?

Is your company set-up to send and receive EDI transactions?  We can accept transmissions in EDI X.12, PDF, CSV, XLSX, XLSB and other preferred formats, via FTP connection or email.  We can also offer cXML format through our Value-Added Network (VAN) or our website.

Front entrance fo the St. Louis Agilix sales counter.
Agilix Solutions Sales Counters Connect You with the Products and People that Keep You Productive

We live in an increasingly digital world. From the way we order at a fast-food restaurant to the way we check out our groceries, there’s less hu [...]

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Agilix Solutions | Live Chat
Live Chat Now Available at

Many of our customers rely on the convenience and wealth of information available on the Agilix Solutions website, so we’re always focused on antici [...]

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Making Accessible for All

The internet has dramatically changed the way all of us experience and interact with the world around us. It’s revolutionized the way we conduct res [...]

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