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We combine industry-leading products with unparalleled expertise under one roof, to help you be successful. We embrace your challenges and wins as if they were our own. Whatever it takes, Agilix Solutions is on your side, and ready to deliver. Learn more about all the ways we’re here to serve you.

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Agilix Solutions has developed a reputation in the industry for helping manufacturers identify and capitalize on opportunities for improved plant performance. We offer services designed to ensure you’re operating productively and efficiently.

  • Installed Base Evaluation (IBE)*
  • Parts Management Agreements (PMAs)*
  • Asset Management Services*
  • Facility Identification Assessments
  • Drive Start-Up Assistance*
  • Thermography Scans for Preventive Maintenance
  • Technical Support Agreements*
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We partner with nVent HOFFMAN to offer a variety of services designed to quickly deliver fully customized enclosures to fit your specifications. We also offer configured product solutions when quick assembly and installation time are critical.

We have in-house labeling and ID services for a wide variety of applications and terminal block marking to help you minimize labor and error from marking by hand.

With our Rack & Stack services, we help IT teams select products to meet their tech requirements and procure, stage, assemble, rack, and cable their datacenter equipment at our main distribution center. You receive a prebuilt solution ready to plug and play.

  • HOFFMAN on Demand
  • Express Enclosure Modifications
  • Prefabrication & Assembly
  • Identification (ID) Solutions
  • Terminal Block Marking
  • Rack & Stack
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We offer a variety of electronic and online solutions tailored to helping you streamline procurement, saving time and money.

From order and invoice management to online ordering and our mobile app, we’ve identified your most troublesome pain points and implemented services to lessen the burden.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Electronic Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Online Ordering
  • PunchOut
  • eQuote
  • Return Goods Authorization Request
  • Mobile App
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There’s nothing more important than helping you make sure your employees return to their families safe and healthy at the end of every shift.

Agilix Solutions partners with specialists to assess risk in the work your team performs and develop mitigation strategies to minimize it.  Our workplace safety and compliance services are specifically designed to help you prevent accidents, increase productivity, and maintain your reputation as an employer that values employees’ safety.

Our preventive safety services include:

  • Facility Safety Assessments
  • Machine Safety Assessments
  • Arc Flash Hazard Assessments
  • Lockout/Tagout Compliance
  • Fall Protection Inspection
  • Hand Protection Assessments
  • Eye Protection Assessments
  • Head Protection Assessments
  • Protective Device Coordination Studies
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How much money are you losing to inefficient energy consumption? Agilix Solutions specializes in helping customers answer that question and develop and implement a plan to address it. We offer a variety of tests, audits, and assessments to get a clear picture of your energy savings opportunities, and have the expertise to recommend a plan for capitalizing on them. We also know which changes can net you cash back with utility rebates and energy incentive programs.

  • Energy & Power Quality Assessments
  • Switchgear Maintenance & Testing
  • Facility Lighting & Energy Audits
  • Utility Rebates & Energy Incentive Programs
  • Solar Solutions
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We pride ourselves on being easy for our customers to work with. So we go out of our way to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time. We have a fleet of delivery trucks and an unmatched logistics program that can get you the product you need, from any Agilix Solutions branch, quickly. We also offer will-call pickup at all our sales counters, as well as staging and kitting services to simplify your bills of material and cut lead times. From carts to trailers, we have solutions for protecting your supplies on the jobsite and keeping them out of the hands of unauthorized personnel.

  • Delivery Services
  • Sales Counter Will Call/Pick-up
  • Kitting & Product Staging
  • Jobsite Product Storage
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Is there anything more disruptive to production than not having a part when you need it?

With inventory management services from Agilix Solutions, you can rest assured you won’t be caught in that situation. We provide these services to ensure our customers are always appropriately stocked, and never overstocked. Proper inventory management leads to less downtime and more predictable parts and supply budgets.

  • SupplyMaster Vendor Managed Inventory/Storeroom Solutions
  • Mobile Inventory Management
  • Vending Solutions
  • Machining Solutions
  • First Aid Management
  • Fuse Consolidation Program
  • Lubricant Assessment & Color-Coding Program
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Do you struggle to manage MRO expenses? Drive efficiencies and cut costs with Agilix Solutions’ MRO SupplyMaster services. Our program helps customers utilize trusted local suppliers while achieving efficiencies and cost savings under a single comprehensive agreement.

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In a rapidly changing world, adopting the latest technology will only take you so far. Your real competitive advantage depends on your team’s ability to learn, pivot, adapt, and adjust. Agilix Solutions is your training partner, ensuring your team has the skills and knowledge they need to take advantage of constantly evolving technology and practices.

We offer a wide variety of training options to help customers implement and improve the value of automation, datacom, electrical supply, power transmission, and safety investments.

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Even the best equipment, with the wear and tear of regular use, is eventually going to break. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced. Agilix Solutions may be able to save you the expense of total replacement by repairing your used equipment or returning it to like-new condition with our remanufacturing services. In fact, we offer comprehensive remanufacturing and repair services for more than 20,000 items from more than 7,000 manufacturers.

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Is your industrial network setting you up to make data-driven decisions reliably and effectively?

Agilix Solutions provides network assessment services to answer that question once and for all. Our expertise in industrial networking allows us to evaluate every element of your network – software to hardware – and identify opportunities for improved performance. We then work with you to design the optimal industrial network tailored to your operations and needs. We help you manage set-up, assembly, and installation of hardware and configure all components to ensure consistency and quality.

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Your business isn’t always 9 to 5, so neither is our support.  Whether you need a part fast or have a critical technical question, Agilix Solutions is at the ready.  For after hours support, we have experts standing by to assist you any time – day or night.

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Dramatically reduce setup time and save labor costs with Agilix Solutions’ wire and cable services.  We stock an unmatched variety of wire, tray cable, power and control, instrumentation, portable cords, flexible cable, and armored cable to ensure we have what you need, when you need it. And if we don’t, we can order it for you.

When it comes to the jobsite, we’ve partnered with the most reputable manufacturers in the business to provide solutions aimed at improving productivity.  We offer a variety of innovative reels, carts, hand trucks, pulling heads, and flanges all aimed at overcoming the challenges of set-up and staging to keep your installation team focused on pulling wire and finishing the job as efficiently as possible. Agilix Solutions can help you do more with fewer resources.

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*Agilix Solutions is authorized to distribute Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Software and Rockwell Automation products and services in select geographic areas. Contact us for more information.

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