Workplace Safety & Compliance Solutions

There’s nothing more important than helping you make sure your employees return to their families safe and healthy at the end of every shift.  Agilix Solutions partners with specialists to assess risk in the work your team performs and develop mitigation strategies to minimize it. Our workplace safety and compliance services are specifically designed to help you prevent accidents, increase productivity, and maintain your reputation as an employer that values employees’ safety.

Our preventive safety services include:

Facility Safety Assessments

Electrocution is one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace according to OSHA. Agilix Solutions can facilitate a free facility assessment conducted by one of our partners.  This assessment will check for non-OSHA compliant conditions and common infractions including open knock-outs and the misapplication or lack of GFCIs.

Machine Safety Assessments

Agilix Solutions, through our manufacturer partners, offers machine safety assessments to look for opportunities to enhance worker safety.  Typical opportunities include emergency stop (mushroom buttons and pull cords), light curtains to segregate potentially dangerous areas and gate switch interlocks to disable equipment when gates are open.

Arc Flash Risk Assessments

Do you know the locations of arc flash hazards in your facility? Agilix Solutions and our arc flash hazard partners work with customers to conduct a comprehensive overview of your facility’s power system and develop a program to ensure NFPA compliance.

Our arc flash hazard risk assessment services will help your leadership team know where arc flash hazards are located, employees know the latest safety regulations and procedures, and confirm all power systems are up to date with the latest certification standards.


Arc Flash Hazard Solutions | Agilix Solutions

The Arc Flash Hazard Risk Assessment Process

We work with our partners to facilitate a thorough process for identifying and mitigating arc flash hazards, including:

  • A model of your electrical system in the form of updated one-line drawings
  • An arc flash analysis of all power systems
  • Short circuit and Protective Device Coordination studies
  • Protective device coordination improvement information
  • Mitigation solutions and recommendations on setting equipment
  • Ongoing safety program that doubles as a safety policy
  • Permits and safety training for all contractors and employees required to work on live electrical circuits

Our partners also offer updates for both existing and obsolete arc flash studies, as well as annual maintenance agreements to ensure you remain on top of changes that could have an impact on existing arc flash studies.


Ensure Safety and Meet Compliance Requirements

There are three primary outcomes of a successful arc flash study:

  • Peace of mind: Identifying arc flash hazards and educating employees will help you know you’ve taken proactive steps to protect them.
  • Higher performance: By deploying our equipment settings and correction recommendations, you’ll ensure your equipment is performing efficiently, decreasing the risk of arc flash hazards.
  • Compliance: These studies are designed to help you meet or exceed the requirements of CSA Z462, IEE-1584, and NFPA 70E regulations.

Contact your account manager to learn how Agilix Solutions and our partners can help you provide a safe and compliant workplace for your team.

Lockout Tagout Compliance

If employee safety is your number one concern, you need a comprehensive Lockout Tagout (LOTO) program. Agilix Solutions brings decades of experience helping customers develop a LOTO program that’s thorough, compliant, and easy to follow.

We offer a variety of options through our industry-leading partners, from providing the LOTO products that meet specific equipment requirements, through providing training and documentation, to performing required annual audits to help ensure compliance.


Important LOTO Questions to Consider

Leadership at any safety-compliant production facility should be able to answer these four questions:

  • What equipment in our facility requires a lockout-tagout procedure?
  • Do we have all the necessary components and devices required to successfully perform a LOTO procedure on each of these machines?
  • Are our authorized employees trained to fully understand our current LOTO procedures?
  • Does our current LOTO policy meet all the requirements necessary for OSHA compliance?

If you don’t have definitive answers to these four questions, or the answers leave you a bit uneasy, Agilix Solutions can help.


Your Local LOTO Source

If you’re just getting started, we can help you sort out the details. If you already have a LOTO plan in place that needs a review or audit, we can help. The Agilix Solutions network of LOTO partners is here to assist with your team’s safety and your facility’s compliance.

Contact your account manager or nearest branch to take the first step.

Fall Protection Inspections

OSHA requires an annual inspection of all fall protection by a competent person. Over time this equipment can become damaged and it is important to replace or update equipment as needed.  With our partners, we can help you to schedule annual inspections of body harnesses, connection devices and anchor points to ensure all products are functioning as intended.

Agilix Solutions can help coordinate fall protection training for your company through industry-leading safety manufacturers such as 3M. Training covers the proper donning of equipment, prior to use inspections, and proper care and maintenance of equipment.

Hand Protection Assessments

Are you buying the same gloves you have bought for many years?  Gloves are some of the most versatile and necessary gear within the industry and can protect worker hands from electrical current, heat, cold, vibration, cuts, punctures, impacts, chemicals and arc flashes.

A glove assessment can identify glove options to meet your specifications and your budget.  Our team can coordinate an assessment with one of our partners.

Eye Protection Assessments

All companies have protective eyewear, but rarely do they look at the task at hand to see if the proper eye protection is worn.  Technology exists today to offer anti-fog glasses that improve visual clarity.  We offer eyewear that eliminate harmful IR and UV rays to promote long-term eye health.

Our eyewear partners can assess your needs a recommend solutions to meet your specifications.

Protective Device Coordination Studies

Proper wiring device selection is critical to providing safe and reliable power in your facility. Through our key manufacturer partners, we can help you stay updated on the latest changes in codes and standards for the use of wiring devices within commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications.

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