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Personal Protection Assessments Add Value to Your Business

We offer a variety of personal protection assessments and services through our comprehensive network of industry partners.  And when it comes to product, we provide one of the largest and most comprehensive inventories of safety brands in the Midwest and Mid-South.


Agilix Solutions | Head Protection AssessmentHead Protection Assessments

On the job, head protection is a key element to keep your workers safe from falling debris, low-hanging objects and electrical hazards.  Our head protection partners can help you evaluate hazards based on the application.

Based on the assessment results, we can recommend head protection to meet your specifications including: heat, side impact, working at heights, lighting solutions, high-visibility solutions, accessories and suspension type.  We can even customize head protection solutions with your company logo.


Hand Protection Assessments

Are you buying the same gloves you have bought for many years?

Gloves are some of the most versatile and necessary gear within the industry and can protect worker hands from electrical current, heat, cold, vibration, cuts, punctures, impacts, chemicals and arc flashes.

A glove assessment can identify glove options to meet your specifications and your budget.  Our team can coordinate an assessment with one of our partners.


Eye Protection Assessments

All companies have protective eyewear, but rarely do they look at the task at hand to see if the proper eye protection is worn.  Technology exists today to offer anti-fog glasses that improve visual clarity.  We offer eyewear that eliminate harmful IR and UV rays to promote long-term eye health.

Our eyewear partners can assess your needs a recommend solutions to meet your specifications.

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