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Power Up Your EV Future: Unleash the Charge with Agilix Solutions

EV Charger Charging A CarAgilix Solutions is your go-to source for electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. We offer Level 1, Level 2 (home and commercial), and Level 3 (fast charge) products from the industry’s leading manufacturers in EV infrastructure. From personal use to fleet charging needs, Agilix Solutions can help you choose, build, and purchase the components that will specifically suit your application.

In addition to chargers, we also offer a variety of related components and installation parts needed to build out your EV system, regardless of where you purchase your charging solutions. Now is the time to take advantage of available utility rebates and federal tax credits available to you in exchange for building your EV infrastructure.


Everything You Need for EV

We have access to a directory of electrical contractors who have participated in the Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP). We also have a vast network of certified EV installation contractors and can offer referrals to companies looking for qualified electrical contractors to install their EV systems.

EV charging is a relatively new and ever-developing technology. For that reason, we recognize it can be a puzzle for customers. We have the expertise to create a solution tailored to your specific application.

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