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Improve Receptacle Installation Time by up to 80% with the Screwless Twist-Lock® Edge Series from Hubbell

What could you do with 80% more time? Twist-Lock Edge spring termination locking receptacles are one of the latest electrical innovations from Hubbell.

For roughly 70 years, screw termination has been the standard method in receptacle installation. You probably haven’t run a stopwatch on that process. But the experts who have report on average, a traditional screw termination takes about 68 seconds of labor time to complete. A new device from Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is rewriting the rules and reducing that average installation time by roughly 80%.

If you’re a machine or equipment builder, you probably use hundreds, or even thousands, of receptacles in your daily production output. Let’s explore why people like you in facilities across the globe are preparing to say goodbye to screw termination installation, and hello to improved efficiency and reliability for years to come.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Twist-Lock Edge Spring Termination Locking Receptacle Series

How Twist-Lock Edge Receptacle Installation Works

With traditional termination, each wire must wrap around a screw and be torqued down with a screwdriver or torque wrench. Twist-Lock Edge receptacles change the game. You simply insert each wire into a hole in the device and flip a plunger in front of each hole with your fingers. That lever activates a spring inside the device to clamp down securely on each wire with the exact amount of tension needed for the job.

Twist-Lock Edge receptacles also minimize future issues and rework. With screw termination, vibration, heat cycling and other factors can cause the connection to loosen over time and require retightening. The springs securing your wires in the Twist-Lock Edge device aren’t susceptible to the environmental concerns screw termination receptacles are, meaning you can set it and forget it. And when you’re ready to unwire a termination? Simply move the plunger up to the open position with a screwdriver, and pull out the wire.

Additional Benefits of Twist-Lock Edge Terminations

We’ve already established that Twist-Lock Edge screwless receptacles have set a new standard for installation speed. In addition to the added efficiency, early adopters are finding more to love about this new technology from Hubbell:

    • Comes in a variety of amps and volts
    • Adapts spring pressure automatically as strands relax over time
    • Allows more devices to be installed closer together, because there is no exposed metal on the receptacles
    • Eliminates the need for torque screwdrivers or any other tools in the wiring process
    • Allows you to redeploy employees to more productive and value-added assembly tasks

Agilix Solutions Has You Covered

With a 90-year history providing industry expertise, products, and parts, we’re your go-to resource through innovation and change. So, it’s no surprise when it comes to Hubbell’s new Twist-Lock Edge receptacles, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to your account manager or contact us to learn more about how Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems and Twist-Lock® Edge can save your team time and labor cost in future receptacle installation projects.