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Custom Enclosure Modification Minimizes Human Error & Cuts Lead Times

An off-the-shelf solution has its advantages. It’s often the quickest and most affordable way to get what you need. But when selecting electrical enclosures, off the shelf doesn’t always cut it. Historically, that meant panel builders, OEMs, and end users had two options for making modifications to their enclosures or back panels. They could custom order modified equipment from the manufacturer and wait weeks for the solution to be delivered. Or they could purchase enclosures off the shelf and modify them manually. Both options came with their own brand of challenges.

Thanks to our special designation from nVent HOFFMAN, Agilix Solutions customers have a third option that overcomes the headaches and potential pitfalls of the other two.

Agilix Solution is a HOFFMAN Certified Modification Center (HCMC). That means customers can choose from our in-stock nVent HOFFMAN inventory, provide modification specifications, and receive their modified enclosure or back panel in as little as 1 to 3 business days. No measuring, no cutting, no drilling, and a lot less waiting around.

Why Choose Enclosure Modification from Agilix?

One of the biggest reasons to let Agilix Solutions modify your enclosure products is precision. Our trained staff uses an automated, state-of-the-art Steinhauer CNC machine to drill, tap, and mill in virtually any shape and size, in a variety of enclosure materials. Working with your CAD files, we provide modifications that precisely match your needs and eliminate human error.

There are also several ways we can help you lower costs as a HCMC. It starts by saving you valuable time. Lead time when ordering a custom enclosure from the manufacturer can be as long as three weeks. With typical 1 – 3 day turnaround, enclosure modification from Agilix changes the game. Compared to manual modification, our Steinhauer CNC machine is also a clear winner. Your skilled personnel can be redirected to other, profit-driving tasks and you avoid the potential for costly mistakes. Making your own modifications, one small mistake means having to purchase a new enclosure and start from scratch. Agilix Solutions guarantees your modified enclosure will match your approved drawings.

Finally, ordering couldn’t be easier. Using your existing designs or CAD files, we can quote the project quickly. When you give us the green light, our team gets to work on creating and delivering your custom solution.

Enclosure Modification Capabilities

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Our Steinhauer CNC machine can provide modifications on enclosures up to 93” tall and 86” wide, or back panels up to 92” tall and 94” wide. Does your application require a specific atypical shape?

 The machine can cut virtually any shape in any size. We can provide modifications to stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, and composite materials.

The machine is capable of performing drilling, tapping, and milling functions and we can also provide paint removal for electrical grounding.

Enclosure Modification Made Easy

Efficiency and reliability are central drivers to your profitability. You need to align with partners who you can count on to find and deliver solutions that save you time and money. Our HCMC status allows us to make that happen with custom enclosures tailored to your specs and available on your timeline. Contact your local branch or reach out to your Account Manager to talk through your next project’s needs.