Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Agilix Solutions has a rich history of experience serving hospitals, long-term care centers, skilled nursing facilities, physician clinics, and other healthcare organizations with products, technical expertise, and services and solutions to offer patients unparalleled care and support. These services are tailored to helping your facility management team proactively reduce the facility’s total lifecycle costs and adapt for the future.

Because Agilix Solutions works with the most respected manufacturers in the industry, you know you’re getting reliable products from a company confident and willing to back them up.

News for Healthcare Facilities

Identify and mitigate thermal risk
Identify & Mitigate Thermal Issues with a Control Cabinet Cooling Audit

With summer heat coming soon, proactive identification of critical hot spots can mean the difference between equipment failure and cool running. Heat' [...]

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Terra DC Wallbox charging solution from ABB
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions from ABB E-mobility

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road keeps increasing, the demand for EV charging infrastructure to support it is also on the rise [...]

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SupplyMaster: Agilix Solutions’ Answer for Your Integrated Supply Needs

How much time, attention, and money are you spending on inventory management? If you’re expending valuable internal resources to ensure you have [...]

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