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Purchase in Bulk for Efficiency

Agilix Solutions | Bulk Material Management

We offer a wide variety of bulk material services tailored to helping you manage large quantities of cable, wire, conduit, and other materials on the job site.


Bulk Material Procurement

Agilix Solutions will negotiate full project purchases on your behalf to help control costs and ensure the product arrives when and where you need it.


Onsite & Offsite Capabilities

We can store and stage product at our facility, at your jobsite, or even at a third-party space. Agilix Solutions can provide complete material management, including on-site staff to manage inventory.


Staging & Kitting

We’re your partner in project management and inventory control with our staging and kitting solutions. If you need sets of products delivered together, we can deliver complete bills of material in customizable kits you can receive as a single SKU.


Fabrication & Assembly

For projects on the fast track, we offer configured solutions that enable quick assembly and installation. You’ll enjoy reduced part counts, consistency of materials, and reduced labor costs.


Custom Delivery Options

From our own trucks and trailers to third-party shipping, we deploy a variety of delivery solutions to ensure your product arrives exactly when and where you need it.

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