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Engineer Efficient, Productive Jobsites

When it comes to the materials, parts, and tools you need, Agilix offers a huge local inventory of electrical supply, distribution equipment, automation, datacom, lighting, clean energy, specialty and building wire, power transmission, and safety products to meet your every jobsite need.

For your average distributor, that’s where the story ends. At Agilix Solutions, it’s just the beginning. We aim to be our customers’ most valuable supplier, so we have assembled an entire arsenal of services designed to help you reach your fullest potential for efficiency and productivity. Learn more about the various ways Agilix Solutions adds value to any electrical jobsite, helping your team focus on activities that drive profit.


Managing People & Materials on the Jobsite Is No Small Task

There are people coming and going, multiple crews on site – it can be a recipe for chaos and disorganization. Agilix Solutions’ jobsite services are designed to bring order and clarity to the jobsite, giving you a clearer picture of the materials and supplies deployed on any given project at any given time.

Onsite Inventory Management (VMI)

Looking for a single place to store and secure materials while your team is on a job? Our jobsite project trailers come in a variety of sizes to custom-fit the needs of any project. Even better, Agilix Solutions can monitor inventory levels in your container throughout the job and replenish your supply as needed, to ensure your crew has what they need when they need it.

Agilix Solutions | Mobile Jobsite Storage
mobile jobsite cart for remote inventory management

Mobile Job Carts

How much time is lost on the jobsite with trips to the truck or trailer for additional parts or a tool that’s needed unexpectedly? How about sifting through boxes and parts once you get there? Mobile job carts eliminate that inefficiency. Imagine everything your crew could need loaded and organized into one cart that can be wheeled wherever it’s needed. Cut labor costs, reduce unnecessary downtime, and protect your inventory from theft and loss with mobile jobsite carts.

Mobile Conduit Carts & Tilt Carts

Half the battle on any installation project is efficiently transporting materials to the install site. We offer two conduit transport solutions to help electrical contractors overcome that hurdle. Our mobile conduit carrier carts feature a slim design that allows them to fit through hallways and doorways. Position entire runs of conduit where you need it, with a minimal footprint. And with our conduit tilt carts, your crews can transport up to 1,400 lbs. of conduit material up and down an elevator with ease.

mobile conduit cart for remote inventory management
Agilix Solutions | SupplyMaster Vending Solutions

Vending Machines

What if there was a single solution that would help you simultaneously track the use of consumable assets, while minimizing downtime associated with ordering new stock? Agilix Solutions’ vending solutions range from coil to carousel, to tool room entrances. And we offer software and hardware tools that help you make well-informed inventory decisions based on real product usage data.

Flat Conduit Trailers

Need to transport conduit on a large installation jobsite? Agilix Solutions’ flat trailers can be hitched to a pickup truck to easily move around your jobsite during installation, saving substantial labor when installing long runs.

Agilix Solutions | Flat Conduit Trailer

Tool Management & Rentals

There’s a tool for every job, but what do you do when the tool you need isn’t one in your arsenal? Agilix Solutions can analyze your specific situation, the number of workers on site, and the scope of the project to create and fulfill a tool management plan that will reduce time and increase productivity. The tools can be purchased through your local Agilix Solutions branch, or we can develop a custom rental program suited to your project. Your crew will have the right tools and equipment for the task at hand with Agilix Solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you engineer efficient, productive jobsites.

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