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SupplyMaster: The Vending Solution That Keeps Your Business Running

Agilix Vending Machines for remote inventory management.  Vending Solutions.Track the Use of Consumable Assets & Minimizing Downtime Associated With Ordering New Stock

When it’s important to track the use of consumable assets while minimizing the downtime associated with ordering new stock, our vending solutions are the perfect fit.  SupplyMaster offers vending machine solutions ranging from coil to carousel to tool room entrances.


Options Include:

  • Carousels
  • Lockers
  • Weigh Stations
  • CabLocks
  • Tool Boxes
  • Tool Rooms


We offer software and hardware tools that help you make well-informed inventory decisions based on real product usage data.  Contact your SupplyMaster specialist today to learn more about how our vending solutions can help you track the use of your consumable assets and minimize downtime.

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