Reduce Complexity and Boost Productivity with Allen-Bradley® On-Machine™ Solutions by Rockwell Automation®

On-Machine™ solutions move controls and hardware out of traditional cabinets, streamlining equipment design. Instead of residing in a large enclosure, components are mounted directly on the machine. This enables greater modularity, fewer connections, and accelerated equipment installation and startup.

On-Machine solutions are:


Simplify the equipment lifecycle

Fewer components and connections simplify design, build, and maintenance.

Lower installation costs

Quick-connect cabling options accelerate installation, reducing the time it takes to make connections by as much as a tenth.

Save floor space and energy

Smaller equipment footprints reduce thermal management requirements and energy consumption.


Accelerate automation design

A variety of mounting options and standardized, plug-and-play components make it easier to find the right fit.

Adapt to what’s needed

Modular solutions make it easier to customize equipment and streamline equipment movement and re-assembly.

Optimize for scale

Reduce the cost of large-scale retooling and reconfiguration with compact, modular, decentralized solutions.

Easier to maintain

Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)

Less wiring and smaller control cabinet sizes streamline maintenance processes.

Reduce risk of failure

Plug-and-play components and quick-connect cabling options speed installation and minimize wiring errors.

Accelerate troubleshooting

Diagnose equipment issues faster by accessing solutions at the point of operation.

Take a Closer Look at On-Machine Solutions

Allen-Bradley® Armor™ PowerFlex® Drives

Introducing the next generation of On-Machine™ drives. Discover how these smart, safe, secure and simple solutions can help meet a variety of application needs.

Allen-Bradley® ArmorKinetix® Distributed Servo Drives

Discover the technology behind faster deployments and enhanced smart equipment. ArmorKinetix® Distributed Servo Drives offer a modular, expandable solution for motion control requirements.

Allen-Bradley® ArmorBlock 5000® I/O Blocks

Explore the latest ArmorBlock 5000® I/O blocks. These new blocks are built with IO-Link technology, designed to simplify smart equipment development and optimize productivity.

Explore Featured On-Machine Solutions

Allen-Bradley® ArmorKinetix® Distributed Servo Drives

Simplify control architecture with ArmorKinetix® Distributed Servo Drives in a compact, On-Machine™ form factor. These smart servo drives also include vibration and thermal sensors that can detect potential equipment issues, enabling a more proactive maintenance approach.

Allen-Bradley® ArmorBlock 5000® I/O Blocks

ArmorBlock 5000 I/O blocks are designed for On-Machine™ use in harsh environments, and feature IO-Link technology for enhanced scalability. These I/O blocks can be set up for a diverse range of applications, offering three power variants, configurable I/O channels, and IO-Link Class A and Class B ports for added versatility.

Allen-Bradley® Armor™ PowerFlex® Drives

Armor™ PowerFlex® motor control solutions by Rockwell Automation® provide smart, safe, and secure On-Machine™ control in a single integrated solution. These drives can support even the most demanding applications with a variety of motor control options, flexible mounting options and a wide environmental range.

Allen-Bradley® ASEM™ 6300PA On-Machine™ Industrial PCs

Available in over 70 factory-configured combinations, these industrial PCs are available in an On-Machine™ form factor, saving time, space and installation cost. Give your operators an ergonomic experience and line-of-site visibility to crucial process equipment.

On-Demand Webinars

Understanding On-Machine Solutions

There is a growing trend toward zero-cabinet solutions for many applications. The Rockwell Automation On-Machine™ solutions can bring you closer to the zero-cabinet idea. In this back-to-basics webinar we will discuss the design and architecture of our On-Machine™ solutions and explore how they can enable success for your applications. You will leave with a better understanding of what Rockwell Automation On-Machine™ solutions are and how they maximize flexibility and modularity while offering our customers simplified operations and maintenance to address the needs and challenges of manufacturing.

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How Can I Drive Productivity and Profitability in My Next Equipment Design?

Machine and equipment builders often face challenges to design, develop and commission flexible and modular equipment. They are also challenged to build equipment that can be scaled to accommodate changing production needs to meet the demands of dynamic industrial markets. Hear from application experts who will talk about how On-Machine™ solutions from Rockwell Automation can help OEMs achieve those outcomes. Learn how to reap the benefits of simplified design, easier startup efforts, fewer components and lower wiring costs. Next, discover the opportunity to offer increased equipment reliability and streamlined maintenance activity. And finally, you’ll learn about the tools available that make the switch to decentralized equipment design a straightforward move.

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