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The plant network is like the central nervous system of the entire facility. It’s the infrastructure that ensures people, data, and machines are all working together smoothly and seamlessly. Agilix Solutions and our partners offer a variety of services tailored to optimizing network performance.

Many of our customers’ networks transform over time from a plugged-in portal to the outside world into a tangled mess of disparate systems held together by aging and increasingly vulnerable control systems. It’s a formula for unplanned downtime and hits to your bottom line.

That’s why assessing and maintaining the health of your networks is crucial. Agilix works with Rockwell Automation, Panduit, and Cisco to help customers maximize network speed and optimize performance, without sacrificing security and reliability.


Network DiscoveryIndustrial Networking Solutions | Agilix Solutions

Our Network Discovery process is designed to create a clear picture of the network you have in place today. By discovering all the elements on your plant network and determining the configuration, we’re able to identify communication pain points that are slowing down performance.


Plant Skid Integration

Plant Skid Integration is a service we offer to companies preparing to introduce new lines to their facility. We’re able to help them communicate requirements with OEMs to ensure new devices added to the network integrate with the existing network plan.


Plant Network Design

The best time to think about and address network performance is before you plug anything in. Our Plant Network Design services are tailored to helping you develop an optimal network from the beginning to ensure all the systems from disparate OEMs communicates effectively when installed.


Security Posture Survey

A Security Posture Survey captures existing traffic on your network and all the fingerprints of data going back and forth during a specific time period. It then analyzes all of that data being transferred and identifies your risk for any known vulnerabilities. The output is a thorough report of your risks, as determined by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), that should be addressed.


Comprehensive Network Assessment

Our Network Assessment services are designed to give you the information you need to improve operations, solidify network security, and plan for future growth. A comprehensive Network Assessment sets the stage for improving collaboration and innovation, while identifying opportunities for the future.


Agilix Solutions is Your Partner in Network Performance

Your network can either be a competitive advantage, or a major weight on your ability to keep up with competitors. It all depends on how it performs. Contact our team to discuss your particular needs and get tailored network services to ensure your network is always living up to its potential.

Interested in a specific network service? Please contact us for more information.

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