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Frequently Asked Questions About the French Gerleman/IAC Supply Solutions Merger

It’s been an exciting week since we announced on July 1 that French Gerleman and IAC Supply Solutions merged to form a new company called Agilix Solutions. While we’ve spoken to many of our customers over the past week, we wanted to take a moment to provide answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received regarding the merger.

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Will you still be called French Gerleman and IAC Supply Solutions?

As of July 1, our new company name is Agilix Solutions. However, in the short term you will continue to see the names French Gerleman and IAC Supply Solutions as we work to transition to the new Agilix Solutions branding.

Why did the merger happen?

French Gerleman and IAC Supply Solutions each have a hundred-year history of transforming to meet industry advancements. This is one of those transformative moments. We are proactively putting both companies in a greater position of strength to create solutions designed to meet your key business objectives, while expanding our product offering and introducing multi-channel purchasing capabilities. We believe that as a customer, who you partner with matters. Both French Gerleman and IAC Supply Solutions share similar values, are independent and family-owned, and foster a customer-centric environment. We are committed to continuing this path.

What does the name Agilix Solutions mean?

As you might imagine, we reviewed and considered a wide variety of potential names with the goal of selecting one that captured our flexibility and agility to continue evolving as the market and your industries transform into the future. Agilix Solutions highlights our agility, as we remain nimble, swift, and quick to deliver solutions in a changing market. We aim to simplify the complex for our customers in an expeditious and excellent manner. The use of the “x” in the new name takes on a variety of meanings, from the idea of express delivery to excellence in everything we do, and the logistics expertise required to coordinate a complex operation.

Will my internal contact person or team remain the same?

Yes. Nothing will change in terms of your relationship with the people at French Gerleman or IAC Supply Solutions. You can continue to contact the same branch, inside salesperson, or account manager for your product and service needs.

Can I still order online with the same account?

Yes, your online account will remain open for your ordering convenience. How you access products, log in to your account, and view your history will also remain the same. We do anticipate merging into a single streamlined ecommerce platform in early 2022. We will keep all customers informed as these changes and plans are finalized.

Will I still have access to the same products and services?

You will have access to every product and service you previously had as a French Gerleman or IAC Supply Solutions customer, and then some. Because the two companies carry complementary product lines, we will soon be able to provide access to an even greater selection of products to both of our customer groups.

How will this merger benefit me as a customer?

Our collective, complementary strengths, products and resources, and expanded regional footprint deliver greater value to you. You’ll have greater access to the products and solutions and we offer a deeper bench of solutions specialists. You’ll also see expanded product lines, additional services offered, and omni-channel purchasing capabilities, all designed to deliver what you need to meet your goals.

What does the future of Agilix Solutions look like?

Together, we see an even brighter future by bringing our resources together to offer an expanded product and service portfolio. We see a future of even greater strength and opportunity together. And we’re committed to remaining independent and family owned. This means we will continue to have the agility, flexibility, adaptability and ability to expand our product and solutions offering to meet your needs. We’ll always be looking to the future of possibilities to best serve you today and tomorrow.

If you have any additional questions that were not addressed here, please reach out! Your Account Manager or local branch would be happy to hear from you.