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Agilix Solutions is Your Local Power Transmission Powerhouse

Today, Agilix Solutions is known for supporting our customers with a wide variety of top-notch products and value-added services. But we have a rich history in power transmission. In fact, our St. Louis branch began as a motor repair shop in 1923 and our partnership with Allen-Bradley, now known as Rockwell Automation, goes back almost that long as well.

Our history working with motors and other mechanical power transmission products, and our seamless evolution into the automation space positions Agilix Solutions as a leader in integration, service, and repair.

Power Transmission Products and Services from Agilix Solutions

industrial motors to represent Agilix Solutions' power transmission capabilitiesLooking to update your operations with a motor upgrade, or get service on your existing fleet of motors? Agilix Solutions has you covered. Do you need a strategy to ensure lubrication and other supplies critical to performance are always available? We can help with that too. Our power transmission services are designed to help plant managers and OEMs address specific needs, identify solutions, and get long-term service support all while cutting costs from your bottom line.

Agilix Solutions offers a vast inventory of in-stock products and a large fleet of delivery vehicles to ensure you’re never far from what you need. You can take confidence knowing you have access to products like motors, gearboxes, couplers, bearings, belts, chains, and more when you need them.

Here’s a snapshot of the ways we go above and beyond to serve our power transmission customers every day:

You won’t find a local power transmission partner who does more to ensure you have the equipment, service, and expertise you need to stay up, running, and productive.

Power Transmission and Automation from One Expert Source

As technology has evolved, so have we. Today, automation is at the forefront of the evolving industrial landscape, and Agilix Solutions has grown to become our customers’ go-to source for both power transmission and automation products and services.

power transmission assessment serviceA distinct advantage of working with Agilix Solutions is that we offer both products from the leading manufacturers in power transmission and automation, and industry specialists in both disciplines. That means you have access to a connected team of experts with our manufacturers who specialize in the critical and varied applications that are running in your facility. The end result? You save time and money, increase efficiency, and reduce downtime.

You unlock a certain power in your operations when you can rest easy, confident that someone is supporting your automation and power transmission components to ensure they’re working seamlessly together. When something isn’t performing to your specifications, there’s no wild goose chase involved. You’ve got one number to call, and the team on the other end can pull together the appropriate resources to address your issue. We’re not just solving for today’s issues. We’re creating a long-term partnership to help you future-proof your operations and position you well to overcome tomorrow’s challenges.

Agilix Solutions is Your One Name to Know in Power Transmission

From our early days as the St. Louis area’s trusted motor repair experts, to the regional distribution powerhouse we’ve become today, one thing has remained constant- a focus on the performance and productivity of our customers. Reach out to your account manager or contact any of our 13 Agilix Solutions branches to experience the difference for yourself.