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Agilix Solutions Sales Counters Connect You with the Products and People that Keep You Productive

Front entrance fo the St. Louis Agilix sales counter.

We live in an increasingly digital world. From the way we order at a fast-food restaurant to the way we check out our groceries, there’s less human contact in our day-to-day experiences. In some ways, there’s efficiency and convenience to be gained. But the experience doesn’t always live up to the promise, does it?

While many in our industry have abandoned the idea of staffing a sales counter, Agilix Solutions sees the value every day of offering sales counter convenience at all our branch locations. In this article, we’ll detail some of the advantages Agilix Solutions customers can experience by utilizing our sales counters and team.

In-House Expertise Ready to Help

Our sales counters are fully staffed with knowledgeable, friendly people dedicated to assisting you with your needs. Have a question or a unique problem you’re looking to solve? Our team is just a call or a visit away to assist you. The sales counter staff is also well connected to a whole host of pros on the Agilix Solutions team who bring a variety expertise on specific industries, brands, and products. The sales counter is your conduit to all Agilix Solutions has to offer.

Same Day Pickup and Next Day Transfers

Nothing will compromise productivity like the need for a part, tool, or other material. The Agilix Solutions sales counter exists to ensure when it happens to you, you’re never too far from a solution. Each branch is well stocked with a broad inventory to increase the odds that we’ll have what you need, when you need it. And if we don’t, we can typically get it transferred from another branch that does within 24 hours. Call in your order ahead for expedited “will call” pick-up or stop in to place your order with one of our sales counter staff.  At our St. Louis branch, we’ve recently added convenient pickup lockers to allow for 24/7 pickup of your order, outside of normal business hours.

Your Place to Go When You’re on the Go

Many of our customers get their fair share of windshield time, driving to and from job sites and working in the field. Agilix Solutions sales counters ensure you have a place you can rely on for materials when you’re on the go. With 13 locations spanning six states, we aim to make sure our customers are never too far from a specialist you can talk to face-to-face and the products you need to stay productive.

Service You Can Count On

Agilix Solutions sales counterOur sales counters provide a convenient way for you to buy and pick up materials on your schedule. When you have a same day need for a part, the sales counters give you a place to quickly pick it up instead of requiring you to wait for a truck or courier to deliver. The in-person experience also allows you to see and touch the products you’re purchasing, to minimize the chances or ordering the wrong part. It’s fairly common for customers to bring in an odd part that’s difficult to describe on a phone call and get help from our counter personnel to find what they need.

In a world leaning out on personal customer experience, Agilix Solutions is doubling down on our commitment to providing you with the local inventory and expertise you need to tackle the task at hand. Stop into your local branch sales counter to experience the Agilix Solutions difference.