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APC, a Flagship Brand of Schneider Electric, Introduces New Innovations in Data Center Infrastructure

APC and Schneider Electric logoOver the course of the past four decades, APC has set the industry standard for reliable power and physical IT infrastructure. Along with its parent company Schneider Electric, their products have become go-to tools in IT departments of all sizes throughout the world, boasting a proven history of innovation.

In this article, we’re going to feature several new products from Schneider Electric aimed at helping meet the evolving data center infrastructure needs of a modern enterprise.

APC Netshelter Advanced Rack PDUs

APC is one of the world’s most trusted brands in power distribution units (PDUs). The company’s new NetShelter Advanced Rack PDU is a powerful unit tailored for use in the most demanding data centers that require more flexibility and innovative features to increase certainty and speed of deployment.

Netshelter Advanced Rack PDUs feature more than 1,000 build-to-order options in Metered, Metered-by-Outlet, Switched, and Switched with Metered-by-Outlet. You can expect a greater breadth of offer across vertical Rack PDU types and power ranges, as well as increased outlet density in standard width up to 30 x C13s and 6 x C19s. Available options include custom plug, chassis color, and cord length.

The Netshelter Advanced Rack PDU features a hot swappable network management module and higher temperature performance up to 60°C. You’ll also enjoy the display module power sharing capability for a more reliable performance.

This next-generation PDU from Schneider Electric features environmental sensor support for up to 8 sensors, dual user network ports, and 1% meter accuracy to provide top-notch precision in metering.

Finally, you’ll enjoy fast network setup with 64 PDU network port sharing. The outlets are color-coded by breaker making identification simple and seamless, and the unit offers toolless zero U mounting with adjustment options.

EcoStruxure IT and DCIM 3.0

Data centers have evolved considerably in recent years. Once contained within a single facility, the modern data center is now a hybrid environment that extends to cloud providers, colocation facilities, and edge computing. In these hybrid environments, networks are more complex and there’s a greater need for higher levels of performance, reliability, compliance, and security. DCIM 3.0 is Schneider Electric’s latest data center infrastructure management software solution, designed specifically to meet the challenge of managing data centers without boundaries.

EcoStruxure IT and DCIM 3.0 boast unmatched performance and versatility. Whether deployed on a single IT rack, hyperscale IT, on-premise, in the cloud, or at the edge, this comprehensive DCIM solution ensures business continuity by enabling secure monitoring, management, insights, planning, and modeling.

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers R-series for Rugged Environments

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers R-series for Rugged EnvironmentsToday, data is everywhere in your organization and harnessing it requires new solutions. IT’s footprint has expanded to the factory floor with the availability of IIoT applications and the IT/OT convergence. As critical IT and OT equipment move closer to where it is used, EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers are dedicated to helping your organization realize the full potential of your connected enterprise. These configurable, pre-integrated enclosed rack systems include power, cooling, security, and monitoring, while offering a fast and simple way to deploy and manage edge computing infrastructure in even the harshest environments.

The new NEMA 12 and IP 55/66 rated R-series models go above and beyond to protect against dust, moisture, temperature changes, and other challenging variables that harsh environments like distribution centers and factory floors are known for. Enjoy everything you already love about previous EcoStruxure Micro Data Center products, now fine-tuned for industrial use.

Agilix is Your Partner in Data Center Infrastructure

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