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Appleton & OZ/Gedney Liquidtight Connectors Set the Standard for Safety & Performance in Corrosive Environments

Electricity and water don’t mix. Yet in harsh industrial environments, they’re required to coexist. That’s where AppletonTM and OZ/GedneyTM Liquidtight Connectors by Emerson come in. Introduced more than 70 years ago, these Liquidtight Connectors continue to live up to their name, establishing the standard for safety and performance in wet, harsh, and corrosive locations. From offshore oil platforms and breweries to enclosures and electrical equipment, wherever liquid ingress is a threat, Appleton and O-Z/Gedney Liquidtight Connectors provide a safe solution you can rely on.

Appleton Liquidtight Series Connectors

The Appleton & O-Z Gedney Liquidtight Difference

While the foundational technology of Appleton and O-Z/Gedney Liquidtight Fittings has remained a centerpiece of its design for 70 years, Emerson has continued to review and modify individual components through the years to make improvements. The reasons these components are industry leaders come down to superior materials, precise machining, and user-friendly innovations through the years.

Appleton & O-Z/Gedney Liquidtight ConnectorsThese connectors consist of just three pieces- the body, a compression nut, and a long-throat crimpable ferrule. Liquidtight Connectors are ergonomically designed to assemble fast so they can be commissioned quickly to protect commercial and industrial installations from physical damage inside and out, while providing grounding to all necessary equipment.

The result? Appleton and O-Z/Gedney Liquidtight Connectors deliver low labor costs without compromising protection.

What You Can Expect form Appleton & O-Z/Gedney Liquidtight Connectors

Engineered specifically for use with Liquidtight flexible metal conduit (LMFC), these connectors deliver standout performance over the competition when it comes to securing, grounding, and sealing. Rust causes problems, which is why corrosion resistance remains a priority for the engineers behind Appleton and O-Z/Gedney Liquidtight Connectors. While the connectors protect your electrical system, they themselves are protected by Emerson’s unique and proprietary corrosion-resistant features.

No two electrical challenges are identical, so Appleton and O-Z/Gedney connectors come in a wide variety of trade sizes, configurations, finishes, and male and female versions to meet all your most extreme application needs. These durable connectors are offered in your choice of bar stock steel, zinc alloy, nylon, stainless steel, cast malleable iron, and aluminum. They come standard with KO sealing rings and locknuts for additional ingress protection. They also offer heavy-duty versions tailored to Class I, Division 2 and well as Class II and III hazardous locations to seal out water, oil, dirt, dust, and fumes.

Corrosion Protection for Your Electrical Project is a Call Away

Agilix Solutions’ roster of manufacturing partners represents the best in breed in a wide variety of solutions and applications, and Appleton and O-Z/Gedney Liquidtight Connectors are no exception. We are your go-to resource for all your electrical needs and offer a variety of products designed to help your electrical solutions hold up in the harshest environments. Reach out directly to your Account Manager or call your nearest Agilix Solutions branch to discuss the specifics of your application and stock up on the components you need to deliver superior corrosion protection on your next project.