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Brady is Simplifying Safety on the Plant Floor

Safety is the number one priority in any manufacturing environment. Historically, that’s meant a well-documented, detailed lockout procedure, confined space permit, and maintenance schedule for every piece of potentially hazardous machinery. While these documents are critical to establishing a safe environment, it can be challenging to assure these procedures are followed, meet OSHA compliance, and are regularly audited for accuracy.

Brady Link360

Brady has recognized these concerns are top-of-mind for anyone charged with the safety of their team. In this article, we’ll explore some of the latest ways the company is developing solutions to help you develop a safer working environment for the people counting on you.

Brady LINK360® Safety Software

The Brady LINK360 platform offers comprehensive features for digitizing critical information and business processes required to manage a world-class safety program through a cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) application.  The LINK360 cloud centralizes storage of all your documents, automatically tracks audit and change history, and scales to multiple users within one site or across multiple sites. Whether you manage a single small facility or a multi-national organization, this software is designed to help you achieve a best-in-class safety culture and set a new pace for productivity, standardization, and sustainability of your critical safety programs.

With just a web browser and an internet connection, LINK360 customers can access their procedures at any time, from any location. The software makes it simple and intuitive to modify templates, run reports, and review and approve modified procedures. Plus, all data modifications, documents, and version history are both tracked and saved. You’ll never lose critical information you might need for potential OSHA audits.

Of course, managing and optimizing your safety programs isn’t something that can be done exclusively behind a desk. You need flexibility to get out in the field, and that’s exactly what LINK360 Mobile gives you. This mobile app gives you the freedom to manage your lockout procedures using any mobile device or tablet.  There’s also a Brady Smart Lockout Mobile App that makes mobile procedure verification and periodic inspections easy and seamless with procedure management. The Smart Lockout app guides you through each procedure step and ensures you use the most up-to-date procedure details, then captures step verifications and generates a checklist report automatically upon completion of work.

Brady SafeKey lockout padlockBrady SafeKey Lockout Padlocks

Brady SafeKey padlocks have revolutionized lockout procedures in recent years. Featuring a forward-thinking locking mechanism and unique key blade design, they’re tailored to provide greater precision and control for your lockout program. Every element of the SafeKey padlock from Brady is purpose-built to overcome shortfalls in traditional safety padlocks. They deliver 700% more possible key code combinations and can be built from a wide range of materials to ensure you have the right safety padlock for any lockout application. Agilix Solutions carries a wide variety of Brady SafeKey Lockout Padlocks in inventory to ensure you have access when you need them.

S3700 Multicolor Safety Sign and Label Printer Series

The S3700 line of label printers is a family of professional grade printers that allow you to seamlessly design, view, and print labels from any desktop or mobile device, or deliver standalone solutions from its own interface. Bring your labels to life with visuals that truly pop, including safety labels, lockout tags, and work-in-process labels.  You can seamlessly print high-quality labels to indicate arc flash, GHS, OSHA/ANSI, fire, pipe marking, valves, hazards, and instructions. The printers are multicolor optimized to deliver more impact and less hassle. They also feature transformative shape cutting technology, so you’ll enjoy straighter lines, smoother curves, and tighter connection points.

Agilix Solutions is Your Connection to Safety Innovation from Brady

Whether it be Brady’s revolutionary lineup of innovative safety products, or the latest safety solutions from all the brands you know and trust, Agilix Solutions is your partner in the protection of your team. To learn more about any of the products featured in this article or to discuss a particular use case you need a solution for, reach out to your Account Manager or contact the nearest Agilix branch today.