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Carlisle Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Belts® Increase Energy Efficiency, Power Ratings & Belt Life

How much are your drive belts costing you in unnecessary energy expenses?

That’s probably not a question that keeps you up at night, but maybe it should be. You work hard to get the most from your kilowatt dollars. You’ve invested in premium, energy efficient motors and high efficiency air moving equipment to reduce your energy costs. But what about the power transmission system that connects your driver and driven equipment?

Carlisle Gold-Ribbon Cog-BeltCarlisle Belts by Timken has the answer. They’ve recently introduced the Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Belt® to help you realize cost savings while reducing downtime, improving energy efficiency, increasing power ratings, and extending belt life. This heavy duty industrial v-belt features a unique construction combining the superior flexing of precision molded cogs with the tenacious gripping power of raw edge sidewalls. The belt is made of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), a synthetic rubber with superior durability, heat resistance, static conductivity, and resistance to hardening and glazing.

Performance and Savings in One Belt

Conventional v-belts deteriorate over time to a nominal efficiency of 93%. The Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belt maintains a 95% efficiency rating, which results in significant savings. The secret to the energy saving power of the belt is its unique design. Ordinary v-belts have a wrapped fabric cover. By design, they waste energy, time, and money. The combination of the raw edge sidewalls and precision molded cogs on the Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belt allows it to run cooler and maintain a stronger grip on the pulley. This accounts for greater operating efficiency and longer life.

Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belts deliver design flexibility. They can transmit up to 30% more horsepower than conventional belts utilizing the same drive space, or pack the same horsepower into a space ½ to ⅔ the size.  Because of this higher horsepower capacity and longer life, users also experience reduced maintenance intervals and downtime. As the chart below demonstrates, Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belts can pay for themselves in less than a month:

Table demonstrating energy cost savings with Carlisle Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belts

Additional Upsides to the Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belt

The EPDM construction is specially formulated to withstand extreme heat, dirt, grease, chemicals, and environmental conditions. As a result, Carlisle Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belts have a wide variety of applications. Available in four sizes, these v-belts can be used in blowers, pumps, HVAC systems, high ambient temperature exhaust fans, and more. There’s no excessive heat buildup or wear problems, even under adverse operating conditions like reverse bends, backside idlers, and constant starts and stops.

Users can save space with narrower pulleys, shorter centers, and smaller pulley diameters. Because the v-belts deliver a reduced weight and overhang, Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belts also decrease bearing loads.

Proper Belt Tensioning Also Impacts Energy Efficiency and Drive Life

The type of belt you use definitely makes a huge difference. But to ensure your belt is performing at its best, it’s important to tension your v-belts properly. Carlisle’s Tension-Finder device makes the job quick and painless:

Carlisle v-belt tensioning video

Make the Call for Better Belt Performance

Agilix Solutions is your go-to resource for the energy efficiency, horsepower, and cost savings you can achieve with heavy duty industrial Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belts from Carlisle. We have the experts on hand to review and assess your needs and connect you with the appropriate belts for your application. Find your nearest branch location or reach out to your Agilix Solutions Account Manager to start the conversation.