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Contractor-Friendly Connected Lighting Solutions from LEDVANCE

Contractors haven’t always been fans of connected lighting systems. One of the biggest reasons is that they’ve had previous experience with first-generation products that were expensive, difficult to install, and incredibly complex. In an industry largely driven by preexisting relationships, perceptions, and familiarity, new and advanced technology solutions sometimes face an uphill climb trying to overcome first impressions.

LEDVANCE LINK logoLEDVANCE set out to turn around contractors’ perceptions of connected lighting solutions once and for all. Their new LEDVANCE LINKTM Wireless Ecosystem is designed throughout to make networked lighting control quick, easy, and painless for both installers and end users. This article explores the features that make LEDVANCE LINKTM the ideal solution for contractors who want to offer their customers the convenience and energy efficiency of the latest lighting solutions without the hassle and cost of added wiring or complicated gateways.

What Makes LEDVANCE LINKTM Different?

A collection of luminaires controlled by LEDVANCE LINKLEDVANCE LINKTM Bluetooth® mesh technology makes networked lighting control quick, easy, and painless. Using just a few key components, you can tailor the LEDVANCE LINKTM lighting control solution to precisely what your customer needs. It features network-ready connected luminaires, as well as field-installable plug & play controllers, sensors and accessories compatible with many of LEDVANCE’s most popular luminaires, making retrofits considerably more manageable.

Handing over control of the system to the end user has also never been easier. LEDVANCE LINKTM is provisioned through an intuitive and simple smartphone app, and can be controlled either through the app or via wireless wall switches.

LEDVANCE LINKTM connected lighting solutions are well suited for tenants and building managers seeking energy savings, greater operational efficiency, and enhanced occupant comfort. It’s an ideal solution for a variety of new construction and retrofit applications including:

  • Offices
  • Stores
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools
  • Arenas and auditoriums
  • Factories
  • Warehouses

Why LEDVANCE LINKTM is Your Ideal Connected Lighting Solution

In LEDVANCE’s efforts to create a contractor-friendly connected lighting solution, there are six reasons we believe they’ve hit the mark with LEDVANCE LINKTM:

REASON #1: Simple, Wireless Deployment

That’s right. You don’t need to pull wires. You can install a LEDVANCE LINKTM wireless control system quickly and easily. Historically, retrofit projects presented significant disruption to business operations. The simple installation process changes all of that. Reconfiguring or adding functionality to meet changing user requirements is also easy and painless.

REASON #2: Flexibility and Scalability

Whether your end users want to replace their entire lighting solution at once, or start with a single office area, LEDVANCE LINKTM is a perfect solution. Luminaires and capabilities can be added to the system over time as needed. As space and layouts change, the system can easily adapt with them, often without the help of an installer.

REASON #3: Smart and Convenient

The LEDVANCE LINKTM smartphone app is sleek, well-designed, and easy to use.  It is simple to provision, configure, and control the system.

REASON #4: Reliability

The Bluetooth mesh technology used in this solution is specifically designed for large-scale networked lighting applications. That means you get a reliable connection and expanded range between the devices.

REASON #5: Safe and Secure

LEDVANCE LINKTM is UL1376 certified Gold Security Level 3, which ensures the cybersecurity capabilities of the system and connected products. Thanks to gateway-free networking technology, you can be assured of rock-solid, 24/7 operation with no passwords and no risk to company information.

REASON #6: Enhanced Energy Savings

It’s never been easier to implement an energy-efficient lighting solution without compromising occupant comfort and convenience. The system features smart sensors with daylight harvesting and scheduling capabilities that allow for real-time task tuning and lighting optimization. And a DLC NLC5.0 listing helps end users maximize rebate opportunities.

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A New Day is Dawning in Connected Lighting Solutions

Your past experiences may have made you skeptical of connected lighting solutions. That’s one reason we’re so excited to introduce you to LEDVANCE LINKTM, a series of products that is contractor-friendly while living up to all the demands your customers have for the latest technological capabilities in their lighting system. Interested in learning more? It’s as easy as a call to your Account Manager or closest Agilix branch to start the conversation.