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Helping You Use and Protect Your Company’s (Second) Most Valuable Asset

Business today runs on data. Aside from your people, your data is your company’s most valuable asset. Ensuring the proper storage, protection, and transmission of it is a top-line priority. That’s why Agilix Solutions offers the end-to-end Datacom products and industry expertise our customers need to ensure their business runs smoothly.

In this article, we’ll explore both the breadth and depth of Agilix Solutions’ data and communications product offering and show you why we’re known as our customers’ single source for the highest quality products to keep data secure and flowing reliably.

Bulk Cable

Paige game changer cable bulk boxHigh-quality data transmission performance starts with high-quality cable. We partner with industry leaders like Belden, Hitachi Cable America, Prysmian/General Cable, Proterial Cable America, Inc., and Paige Datacom Solutions to bring the latest in cabling innovation to your data communications operation. We have cable suited to any variety of applications, including:

  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • High Pair Cable – CAT3
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Fire Alarm Cable
  • Sound, Security Control Cable

We offer 1,000-foot boxes and reels in Plenum and Riser, multiple color options to choose from, and specialty cables including shielded, outdoor, industrial, CAT3 and CAT6A.

Cabinets, Racks, & Cable Management

Cable management is a must in your data and communications operation. Using racks and cable management solutions is certainly more aesthetically pleasing than the chaotic cable mess you’d have without it. But it is also critical to enhancing the performance of your system, simplifying maintenance, and reducing downtime when changes, repairs, or replacements are needed.

Agilix Solutions partners with the APC, Belden, General Cable, nVent Hoffman, Hubbell Premise, and Panduit to provide you with top-quality racks, cabinets, and cable management products. We chose these partners because they are constantly and consistently raising the bar and setting new standards for performance in data storage and management.

Copper & Fiber Connectivity

If you’re relying on high-quality cable to transmit your company’s data, it’s important that you choose copper and fiber connectivity solutions that are up to the challenge as well. Agilix Solutions offers:

  • Jacks, Faceplates, Surface Mount Boxes, and Patch PanelsPanduit face plates
  • Voice Products
  • Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Fiber to Enclosures
  • Fiber Adapter Panels
  • Fiber Optic Pigtails

We partner with Belden, Panduit, Hubbell Premise, Wirewerks, and TII Technologies to deliver the connectivity solutions your Datacom demands.

tripp lite ups and power distributionUPS & Power Distribution

From the servers where your data is stored and processed to the cooling equipment protecting your equipment investments, reliable power is a critical component to your data center’s always-on operation. But not all power solutions are created equally. Reliability is the number one concern of any data center power solution, but energy efficiency is also becoming a larger consideration as companies look to improve the sustainability of their operations.

APC, Emerson, Vertiv, Tripp-Lite, and Geist compose the starting lineup of Agilix Solutions’ power supply offering. Our team brings unrivaled expertise in the latest power innovations designed to help ensure your business’s critical power needs are met reliably and efficiently.

Cisco industrial ethernet switch Industrial Ethernet Switches, Media Converters, SFP Modules, & Cables

Cisco, Wirewerks, and Panduit have each built solid reputations as high-quality manufacturers of ethernet solutions suited to industrial environments. From industrial ethernet switches to fiber-to-copper media converters to SFP modules and cables, Agilix Solutions is your one-stop-shop for the products needed to improve ethernet connectivity throughout your facility.

Accessories to Round Out Your Datacom Solution

We’ve covered the big product categories above, but your data and communications system depends on a lot of additional components to perform day to day, and Agilix Solutions sweats the small stuff:

Cable Pathways & Supports

We offer latching duct, innerduct, fire protection solutions, J-Hooks and bridal rings, and all of the cable ties and Velcro strips you need to keep your cable safe and protected.

fiber jumpersPatch Cords & Fiber Jumpers

We partner with Panduit and Wirewerks to provide CAT5e and CAT6 patch cords in a variety of lengths from 1’ to 100’. We also offer an expansive variety of connection options in fiber jumpers, ensuring you have access to the solution that fits your application.

Tools, Testers, & Connectors

We haven’t forgotten about the installers and the crew charged with maintaining the system over time. We offer crimp, compression, punchdown, cable stripping, and cable cutting tools as well as the connectors you need for any application. And when the solution is installed, ensure everything is performing up to spec with industry-leading cable testers.

Online Ordering Connects You to Our Inventory

Agilix Solutions has made it easier than ever to get the Datacom products you need with our online storefront. features our complete line of available products with up-to-date pricing and real-time inventory levels. You can review and update your account information, and we’ve made it easy to track orders and shipping status. Our “My Product Groups” feature allows you to bundle the products you frequently purchase so you can add them all to your cart in one click and get back to work. Check us out online or reach out to your Agilix Solutions Account Manager to put the power and convenience of our online sales counter to work for you!