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Decrease Current Rating Safely & Permanently with Reducer Fuses from Mersen

Forward thinking manufacturers don’t build for today’s needs, but for tomorrow’s. In a new or newly expanded manufacturing facility there’s often a ramp up period for production and electrical demand. What does the electrician do with available power the facility isn’t yet ready to use?

reducer fuses from MersenTo answer that question, Mersen introduced Reducer Fuses. Reducer Fuses are a safe and permanent solution for decreasing a current rating without using a fuse reducer accessory, which is designed for temporary use only. Reducer Fuses have the same footprint as a standard fuse, but with reduced ratings. They can quickly be installed in the fuse panel, with no tools required. Once the facility is ready to increase production and electrical demand, the Reducer Fuses are replaced by standard, higher rated fuses. There’s no change in the infrastructure, no need to swap out fuse holders or bases, and no replacing the fuse panel.

Utilizing Mersen’s Reducer Fuse products when power demand is lower ensures facilities continue to run efficiently when it’s time to increase production and electrical usage.

Reducer Fuse vs. Fuse Reducer: What’s the Difference?

The names Reducer Fuse and fuse reducer sound similar. But they have critical differences that make each of them better suited for specific applications. First, Reducer Fuses are reduced rating Class RK1 and J-TD fuses, designed to fit in larger fuse holders. Fuse reducers aren’t fuses at all, Instead, they’re adapters designed to alter the fit and form of an existing fuse while maintaining the same ampere rating.

Reducer Fuses are safe, toolless, permanent solutions for decreasing your current rating, without the use of a fuse reducer accessory. Fuse reducers simply make smaller reduced rating fuses fit the footprint of a fuse with a higher rating. Fuse reducers are designed for very temporary use and must be periodically checked to ensure mounting attachment to fuses. They require tools for installation and are not well-suited for high-volume production environments.

Reducer Fuses are ideal for applications that require maximum arc flash mitigation, long-term use of reduced rating fuses, minimal equipment downtime, high-volume production, and minimal maintenance or regular inspection. Fuse reducers are more suited for applications that require multiple fuse classes, need only temporary use of reduced rating fuses, feature low-volume production, demand lower cost, and aren’t hampered by equipment downtime.

Mersen’s Reducer Fuses can be used in motors, safety switches, transformers, branch circuit protection, disconnects, control panels, and all general-purpose circuits. They are UL listed to standard 248-12, DC listed to UL standard 248, and CSA certified to standard C22.2 No. 248.12. Currently, fuse reducers are available in 600A and 400A body sizes. In 2021, Mersen intends to begin offering the products in a 200-amp body size, with amperage of 100, 80, or 60; a 100-amp body size, with amperage of 60, 30, or 20; and a 60-amp boy size, with amperage of 30.

Reducer Fuses Aren’t Just for Manufacturing Applications

While reducer fuses are ideally suited for start-up or newly expanding manufacturing facilities while they ramp up production and electrical demand, they are not just for industrial applications. There are a variety of suitable commercial applications as well. To learn more about Mersen’s complete line of Reducer Fuses, reach out to your account manager, or contact us online. Agilix Solutions is here to support you and your facility’s electrical needs.