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Dialight Leading the Way in Water & Wastewater Treatment Lighting

Visibility is a major design factor in Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities. With natural outdoor light unable to penetrate most parts of these facilities, you can’t see what you can’t illuminate. As a result, the amount and type of lighting used deserves consideration to ensure both safety and productivity.

Water treatment plants are considered hazardous working environments, where workers may be exposed to volatile chemicals, hazardous biosolids, and combustible gases. These facilities are typically home to systems of heavy equipment that require good lighting for access and maintenance. In addition to the safety concerns, these damp and corrosive environments require fixtures that can hold up in extreme conditions.

In this article, we will explore Dialight’s complete line of products tailored to providing sufficient and reliable lighting in demanding environments like Water and Wastewater treatment facilities.

What Makes Dialight Unique in Water and Wastewater Treatment Lighting?

We all know not all lighting products are created equally. So, when considering an LED lighting manufacturer it’s important to look at how their products are engineered, constructed, and tested for the environment you plan to use them in. Most of Dialight’s product offering is engineered to a 10-year warranty, even when used in harsh environments like Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities.

Here are just a few of the features that make Dialight’s products shine in the darkest and harshest environments:

  • Custom Power Supplies: Dialight uses long-life potted drivers with optimized thermal dissipation for protection against environmental contaminants and vibration-related failures.
  • Mechanically Designed for Low Maintenance: Their fixtures are sealed and optimized to reduce or eliminate the need for maintenance over the life of the fixture. Installation is simple, and the fixtures can easily be retrofitted to your existing infrastructure.
  • Latest in LED and Advanced Optics Innovation: Dialight fixtures offer highly efficient, crisp, low-glare illumination. This ensures your lighting is focused on the areas where it’s needed, and not wasted where it isn’t.
  • Intelligent Controls: You’ll enjoy the flexibility to group, dim, and schedule lighting operation around the unique needs of your facility to maximize energy efficiency. The controls also integrate seamlessly with your existing factory automation.

The Dialight Water and Wastewater Product Portfolio

As a leader in industrial LED lighting technology, there are literally millions of Dialight fixtures in use in industrial environments of all kinds throughout the world. Dialight has set out to design lighting products for the harshest environments imaginable, ensuring industrial customers can reduce energy costs, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint while maximizing safety and productivity for your employees and facility.

Dialight high bay products that are best suited for Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities include:

  • VIGILANT® HIGH BAY: For use in non-hazardous indoor and outdoor high bay, and occasionally flood lighting, applications. The Vigilant High Bay Industrial Fixtures replace up to 1,000-watt traditional HID fixtures. They’re ideally suited for wet wells, pump rooms, MCC rooms, boiler rooms, hopper rooms, storage rooms, and other general areas in your facility.
  • SAFESITE® HIGH BAY: The SAFESITE® HIGH BAY is designed for use in hazardous, classified high bay applications like bulk chem rooms, digester rooms, chlorine storage, and chemical storage, where chemical vapors or explosive dusts are present.
  • VIGILANT® LOW BAY: Get wider light distribution and lower mounting height in high bay applications in both indoor and outdoor environments like tank rooms, digester rooms, and aeration basins. These fixtures replace up to 250-watt traditional HID fixtures.
  • SAFESITE® LOW BAY: For hazardous high bay environments that require lower mounting height, the SAFESITE® LOW BAY is an ideal solution where chemical vapors and explosive dust are present. These fixtures are commonly used in process and chemical storage areas.
  • VIGILANT® and SAFESITE® Area Lights: These versatile fixtures are designed for ease of installation and feature quick install retrofit kits that support many legacy HID fixture brands. The VIGILANT model is suited for non-hazardous indoor and outdoor applications and the SAFESITE fixtures are certified for use in hazardous classified applications where chemical vapors or explosive dusts are present.
  • VIGILANT® and SAFESTITE® Linear Lights: Both feature Dialight’s exclusive 10-year warranty and are offered in lengths of 2’ and 4’. The VIGILANT fixture is ideal for indoor and outdoor use in non-hazardous environments, while the SAFESITE option is indoor and outdoor hazardous certified.

In addition to these industry-leading high bay solutions, Dialight also offers a complete portfolio of area lights and accessories, floodlights, and linear lights to help you create a facility-wide lighting solution tailored to your specific location needs.

Ready to See the Light?

Agilix Solutions knows how important exceptional lighting is to your team’s safety and productivity. In addition to offering the complete line of Dialight industrial lighting products, we offer a variety of lighting services to help you get the most in performance and efficiency from your facility’s lighting solutions. Our facility lighting and energy audits allow our team to provide a thorough analysis of your existing lighting system and provide upgrade options. From there, we work with you to create a lighting ecosystem tailored to your facility and your people. It all starts with a call or click to your Account Manager or your local Agilix Solutions branch.