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DRIVEFLEX® & LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Rewrite Flexible Cabling Expectations

LUTZE has long been a name synonymous with high quality cable innovations. Agilix Solutions has introduced you to their MOTIONFLEX® cable line and LUTZE SILFLEX® FBP cables, as well as their CABLEFIX® cable management solutions. Today, we want to explore their high flexibility offerings for drive cables and continuous motion motor application cables – DRIVEFLEX® and LUTZE SUPERFLEX®.

DRIVEFLEX® – The Most Flexible Drive Cable in Its Class

Designed to meet electrical challenges specific to VFD and Servo applications, all DRIVEFLEX® VFD cables employ a special formulation of cross-linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE). This provides superior electrical characteristics while maintaining the ultimate flexibility for a drive cable.

DRIVEFLEX® cables feature Thermoset insulation that allows them to manage power distortions in VFD applications. They are UL listed as type “Flexible VFD Servo Cable, Flexible Motor Supply cable.” They provide superior electrical values for VFD applications, and their flexibility makes for easier routing and installation.

DRIVEFLEX® cable is available in eight different models to suit a variety of VFD servo applications, including a new A110 HYDRO XLPE PVC offering, designed for harsh down-well environments and wet operating conditions. All DRIVEFLEX® cables are motor supply cables designed to connect power to 3-phase motors, VFDs, and servo drives. The Thermoset XLPE insulation offers superior overload and short-circuit temperature. All DRIVEFLEX® cables are compliant with NFPA 79 requirements and meet the WTTC wind turbine tray cable rating for use in wind power generation.

Simply put, DRIVEFLEX® is the most flexible drive cable in its class.

LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Sets Standards for Longevity, Reliability, and Flexibility

LUTZE offers a variety of high flexing cables designed specifically for use in continuous motion applications, such as drag chains. Compatible with all major drag chain brands, LUTZE SUPERFLEX® and LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus cable offerings include both high flexing control and motor supply cables, in addition to electronic and network cables.

Lutze Superflex

LUTZE SUPERFLEX® PVC cables are designed for moderate to higher-performance flexing in short to medium length drag chains. They are offered with a specially formulated TPE insulation and a specially formulated high strength PVC jacket.

LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus PUR is designed for higher-performance flexing or longer drag chains. They are also manufactured with premium materials such as specially formulated TPE insulation and PUR jackets, to deliver superior results with high performance applications in modern high speed machine tools.

Both LUTZE SUPERFLEX® and LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus cables require special handling and installation techniques, different from those of standard flexible control cables. LUTZE recommends installers follow installation procedures precisely to ensure the longest possible lifespan for the cable.

Agilix Solutions is Your Connection to LUTZE Cable Innovations

LUTZE is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the North American member of the LUTZE International Group, which has led the way in developing and building electronic and electrical engineering solutions for the automation industry for more than 60 years. As an authorized distributor of LUTZE industrial automation components, Agilix Solutions is your local connection to all of the latest innovations in cable technology from LUTZE, including DRIVEFLEX® and LUTZE SUPERFLEX®. Contact your account manager or your local Agilix Solutions branch to learn more about the entire offering of automation-enabling cable products from LUTZE.