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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions from ABB E-mobility

ABB emobility EV charging solutions

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road keeps increasing, the demand for EV charging infrastructure to support it is also on the rise. Agilix Solutions works with ABB E-mobility, a global leader in EV charging infrastructure solutions whose 1 million charger footprint extends across more than 85 countries throughout the world, to meet that need.

In this article, we will take a closer look at ABB E-mobility’s solutions that offer future-proof reliability, advanced connectivity, and best-in-class lifecycle services. We’ll specifically be exploring their entire line of EV products available in North America, which are certified to UL/CSA and meet the highest standards for safety, quality, and interoperability.

Terra DC WallboxTerra DC Wallbox charging solution from ABB

The Terra DC Wallbox UL is a compact 24 kW DC fast charger supporting CCS and CHAdeMO protocols with one or two outlets. It supports high voltage charging up to 920 VDC in both single (208-240V) and three-phase (480V) configurations. The Terra DC Wallbox is easy to operate thanks to a full-color, daylight readable touchscreen display, access control features, and the option for OCPP integration. The Terra DC Wallbox also features ABB Connected Services to enable monitoring, remote diagnostics and over-the-air updates and upgrades.

It’s ideal for workplace, commercial parking, car dealership, urban fleet, hotel and hospitality, and overnight fleet charging applications.

Terra 54

The Terra 54 is a 50 kW DC fast charger that can be configured with CCS and CHAdeMO in a dual-outlet design, or a CCS-only single outlet design. The Terra 54HV DC fast charger can additionally support 50 kW continuous charging for medium and heavy-duty vehicles with battery voltages requiring up to 920 VDC.

The 4G modem-connected Terra 54 charger features a 5x10kW redundant power module architecture for high uptime and remote serviceability – with a high-brightness color touchscreen display, RFID and support for OCPP 1.6 integrations. Other options include cable management and a credit card reader.

Applications for the Terra 54 models include retail, grocery, mall, dining, urban charging solutions, commercial/public fleet operators, fleet maintenance charging, and OEM R&D.

Terra 94/124/184

The Terra 94, 124 and 184 are all-in-one DC fast chargers rated at 90 kW, 120 kW and 180 kW respectively. All three models feature high voltage charging up to 920 VDC. The Terra family’s unique redundant power module architecture consists of multiple 30 kW power modules connected in parallel that deliver operational redundancy and higher uptime, with automatic fail-over functionality should any single power module experience a fault. The Terra 124 and Terra 184 models enable power sharing capability to serve two EVs simultaneously. The same robust accessories and connectivity options are available for the Terra 94, 124 and 184 as with the Terra 54 series.

In addition to the applications for the Terra 54 models, the 94/124/184 models are also great for frequent turnover parking environments and convenience fueling stations. ABB E-mobility also offers a NEVI-enabled Terra 184 model. Its all-in-one design and small physical footprint simplify installation and maintenance. It also offers a robust charging site with less susceptibility to single points of failure because the design doesn’t rely on a separate power cabinet sharing power among multiple ports.

Probably should add a sentence or two about the NEVI-enabled Terra 184

Terra HP

ABB’s Terra HP UL is a modular 175-350 kW ultra-fast EV charging system supporting all 150-920 VDC compatible vehicles. ABB’s Terra HP system has a modular architecture that can be configured at 175 kW with one charge post and one cabinet, 350 kW with one charge post and two cabinets, or in Dynamic DC configuration from 175-350 kW with two charge posts and two cabinets, allowing the combined system to charge one vehicle at up to 350kW or two vehicles simultaneously at up to 175kW.

Every Terra HP charge post features an integrated chiller and environmentally friendly cooled cables offering higher peak and continuous output power performance. As a member of the best-selling Terra family of DC chargers, the Terra HP features integrated connected services for payment, remote monitoring, diagnostics, statistics and firmware updates, as well as support for OCPP 1.6

Common applications for the Terra HP solution include highway fuel and convenience, retail complexes along highway corridors, commercial/fleet operations, EV infrastructure networks and service providers, and R&D and vehicle development sites.

Terra HP

HVC-C Depot

ABB HVC-C UL Depot Charging systems rated 100 kW and 150 kW and up to 850 VDC, offer a highly reliable and intelligent solution to charge EV fleets of buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles with the CCS charging connection. Sequential charging functionality allows connection of up to three depot charge boxes with a single power cabinet where vehicles are charged sequentially over time. ABB can offer the HVC-C Depot Charging solution with compliance to Buy America (Rule 49 CFR Part 661.5). ABB’s HVC-C Systems come with an extensive suite of connectivity features including remote services like monitoring, management, diagnostics and software upgrades.

These systems are particularly useful in bus and transit operations, truck fleet operations, last mile delivery vehicles, and commercial/fleet operators.

HVC-PD Opportunity

The heaviest hitter in the lineup is ABB’s HVC-PD UL opportunity charging system. In configurations of 150kW to 450kW at 150 to 850 VDC, it offers high-power charging via an automated rooftop connection. With typical charge times of 3 to 6 minutes, the system can be easily integrated in existing operations by installing chargers at endpoints, terminals and intermediate stops with a pantograph or ceiling mounted.

This system architecture offers an ideal solution for opportunity charging, ensuring zero-emission public transit during the day without impacting daily route operations. ABB can offer the HVC-PD system with compliance to Buy America (Rule 49 CFR Part 661.5). ABB’s HVC Systems come with an extensive suite of connectivity features including remote services such as monitoring, management, diagnostics and software upgrades.

The HVC-PD Opportunity solution is particularly applicable for bus and transit operations that require quick-charge capabilities.

EV Solutions are Agilix Solutions

By now it’s clear that the future of transit is (at least partially) electric. Whether you have an existing charging solution that is due for an upgrade to take advantage of the latest technology, or you’re new to the EV revolution, the ABB line of EV charging stations has an option for all levels of commitment and need. Reach out to your account manager or contact your local Agilix Solutions branch to get connected with our in-house EV experts to discuss your needs and uncover the ideal solution.