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Essentials Series: Clean Energy

Clean energy initiatives are not just about reducing environmental impact; they’re about creating healthier and more productive environments for your customers and employees. Agilix Solutions is your single-source for clean energy products – electric vehicle charging, solar, testing equipment, lighting, generators, and more. Plus, we offer the services and support to help you to complete your projects.

Achieve your clean energy goals with these powerful and reliable featured products available from Agilix Solutions.




EV Charging Stations


RAB EVC48 – 48A, Level 2

Designed for both residential and commercial use, it can be mounted to either the wall or a pedestal and comes with a standard 16′ cable. LEARN MORE



ABB Terra DC Wallbox Dual Outlet

A compact 24 kW “Destination DC” charger for commercial, workplace and fleet applications. LEARN MORE



Smart Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger

Light Efficiency Design Smart Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger

Offering up to 48A charging power with built-in ampUp PRO software. Perfect EV charging solution for multi-unit housing, commercial, retail or municipal properties. LEARN MORE



FLUKE FEV100FLUKE FEV100 Electric Vehicle Charging Station EVSE Test Adapter

Test the functionality and safety of electric vehicle charging stations easily and reliably. LEARN MORE



Solar Electric System


SMA Hybrid Inverters

Combine solar inverters and battery inverters in one device. They not only convert direct current into alternating current, but also make it possible to store excess solar power in a battery. Buy Now or LEARN MORE



eGauge  Residential and Commercial Energy Monitoring Systems

Reveal potential problems with a utility bill by tracking your clean energy data on individual circuits in real time.  LEARN MORE




CertainTeed Solstice Solar Panels

Includes a 25-year warranty encompassing the entire solar roofing system, including asphalt shingles and installation workmanship. LEARN MORE



Unirac Ground Fixed Tilt Solar Mount

Uses a new shared rail design, delivers labor optimization and includes a 25-year warranty. LEARN MORE


Other Clean Energy Solutions


Timken Belts PowerMiser App

A powerful clean energy savings calculator in the palm of your hand LEARN MORE




Kohler RCA Generators 14 and 20 kW Residential

Offers quiet, reliable performance and designed for installations as close as 18″ to any structure. LEARN MORE




Mersen DQS Fuse

Built to withstand vibration and to lower I2t performance for improved protection of equipment. LEARN MORE




Eaton’s B-Line series Cable Ladder

Offers a variety of styles, materials and finishes available to support virtually any commercial and industrial solar cable management application requirement. LEARN MORE





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What is the Essentials Series?

At Agilix Solutions, one of our differentiators is our access to a large variety of manufacturers to serve our customers. The time-old saying, “one-stop shop” embodies what we can provide to clients across various industries. In this Essentials Series blog, we are showcasing products and services that not only prioritize sustainability but also drive profitability and efficiency for your business.