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New Hand Hygiene Tools to Prevent Workplace Illness

Person washing their hands in the workplace to prevent illness.

“There must be some kind of bug going around.”

How many times have you heard or said those words at work in response to someone being out sick? 2023 has started off as a rough one for illnesses. From your standard cold viruses to nastier sicknesses, germs have a way of travelling through the workplace. The number one strategy for preventing the spread of sickness at work is the same one we’ve heard about our whole lives: clean hands. But today, we want to introduce you to some new tools for your hand hygiene arsenal to prevent the spread of illness in the workplace.

Tork Matic with Intuition sensorTork Matic® Hand Towel Roll Dispenser with IntuitionTM Sensor

The Tork Matic® is a classic in towel dispensing. This latest product in the series gives your team the ultimate no-touch hand drying experience. Thanks to one-at-a-time dispensing, this unit offers increased hygiene and reduced consumption compared to center-pull towel dispensers. The towel length is adjustable, allowing your maintenance team to select the perfect towel size for your business’ needs. And speaking of the maintenance team, they’ll also appreciate the LED refill indicator that makes it clear when the unit is close to needing a refill.

Tork Peakserve towel dispenser

Tork Elevation® PeakServeTM Hand Towel Dispenser

Tork PeakServeTM is the latest innovation in towel dispensing, designed specifically for high-traffic washrooms where it’s important to maximize cleaning time and maintain a good flow of people. This unit features a capacity of over 2,100 towels, allowing for continuous pull and quick dispensing. Tork’s patented continuous hand towel system makes it easy to pull towels, and because unit dispenses towels individually, there’s no wasted product. Plus, refilling is simple. The unit can be topped off whenever it’s convenient. There’s no need to wait until it’s empty.

Dial® FIT® Universal Touch-Free Dispenser

This battery-powered soap dispenser is a favorite in commercial and industrial settings throughout the world. Compact, strong, and attractive, the Dial® FIT® dispenser complements the aesthetic of any washroom. You no longer need to choose between a high-capacity dispenser or a compact footprint. You’ll get the #1 Doctor Recommended Antibacterial Hand Soap in a compact, strong, and attractive dispenser, at a much better price than the leading industrial brand. The touch-free model’s high efficiency engine can handle up to 90,000 activations and the volume of soap dispensed per activation is adjustable. It’s the perfect FIT for your facility.

Janitorial and Sanitation Products from Agilix Solutions

While hand washing is critical for reducing the spread of illness in the workplace, it’s not the only effective strategy for keeping your team healthy. Germs will find their way into your facility and end up in the air, on surfaces, and on furniture. So Agilix Solutions offers a wide variety of janitorial and sanitation products to help you keep the work clean. Our JanSan product offering includes:

  • Brooms, Brushes, and Dust Pans
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Dust Mops, Dusters and Cleaning Pads
  • Janitorial Carts and Supply Holders
  • Paper Products
  • Personal Care Supplies
  • Rags and Wipes
  • Receptacles and Containers
  • Restroom Equipment
  • Trash Bags and Liners
  • Wet Mops, Squeegees and Buckets
  • And more!

Our janitorial and sanitation products can either be purchased from Agilix Solutions directly at our sales counters or online. It can also be administered as part of your SupplyMaster Vendor Managed Inventory program. Contact your account manager, or reach out to your nearest Agilix Solutions branch to explore your options for keeping the workplace safe and productive throughout the year.