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How ABB’s T&B® Liquidtight Fittings are Engineered to Protect in Harsh Environments

In demanding wet and corrosive environments, a wire or cable system is only as safe as its weakest link, and fittings are naturally the easiest point of intrusion for moisture. ABB’s T&B® Liquidtight fittings are engineered throughout to provide protection you can count on, and the attention to detail is remarkable. In this article, we’ll break down how each part in a T&B Liquidtight fitting plays a role in resisting moisture, protecting equipment, and ensuring productivity.

Liquidtight Engineering You Can Count On

T&B Liquidtight fittings come in both metallic and non-metallic versions. Both feature a variety of engineering features that set them apart from other commercially available fittings. Here are the eight features built into the T&B Liquidtight fitting design that enable it to offer superior protection.

  1. Selection of ABB Liquidtight FittingsThe engineering starts with the distinctive pumpkin appearance of the gland nut of a T&B Liquidtight fitting. This design deflects water away from the connector and prevents moisture from pooling.
  2. The nut also features self-cleaning threads inside the gland nut to keep dirt and grime out of the threads as you tighten.
  3. T&B Liquidtight fittings feature a Double Beveled Sealing Ring, designed with five unique sealing mechanisms that can’t be installed backwards. ABB uses a high-temperature-rated thermoplastic that stands up to demanding specifications.
  4. A Safe Edge® Ground Cone provides superior bonding, stronger pullout, easier threading, and conductor protection. The cone features a unique ski-slope appearance allowing you to easily identify it inside the gland nut.
  5. Deeper inside the fitting, you’ll find a Heat-Curled Insulator designed to provide superior wire protection and easier glide of conductors both through and into the fitting. The heat-curled finish makes the insulator stronger than its glue-in counterparts in other fitting.
  6. Installation is made easier and smoother by Precision Machine Rolled Threads.
  7. You’ll enjoy superior strength and electrical bonding thanks to a Tempered Cast Locknut with Teeth. Better yet, it can be installed without a wrench in the enclosure.
  8. Finally, there’s an optional Revolver® Grounding version of the fitting designed to save time and money using an infinitely adjustable rotating ground lug. Simply align the lug in your preferred position and tighten the gland. This prevents you from having to tighten in an inconvenient position in the future.

Protection for When Failure’s Not an Option

ABB T&B Liquidtight fittings lead the pack when it comes to cable protection. The expansion of their top-quality line of fittings makes it easier than ever for you to find exactly what you need for the task at hand. ABB offers SST, wide/ext. temp, and NBP fittings, and has the widest offering of LT fittings on the market. Reach out to your Account Manager or contact the nearest Agilix Solutions branch location to put these revolutionary fittings to the test on your next project.