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SupplyMaster: Agilix Solutions’ Answer for Your Integrated Supply Needs

How much time, attention, and money are you spending on inventory management? If you’re expending valuable internal resources to ensure you have exactly what your team needs when they need it, there’s a better way. SupplyMaster services from Agilix Solutions are designed to help companies like yours manage inventory efficiently and reduce the amount of time, attention, and budget required to do so.

What is SupplyMaster?

Your people and equipment are only as reliable as the storeroom that supports their work. SupplyMaster is an Agilix Solutions program designed to help you utilize your trusted local Agilix Solutions team while achieving efficiencies and cost savings under a single comprehensive agreement. SupplyMaster provides you with an asset inventory management solution to take the worry and anxiety out of keeping your team supplied for the job at hand. The end results are faster time to market, lower total cost of ownership, improved asset utilization and enhanced enterprise risk management.

SupplyMaster Integrated Supply Tiers

We offer tiers of SupplyMaster services to help you manage inventory while your team focuses on work that drives your business forward:

Customer Managed Inventory

This is our DIY level of service. Your team has access to a digital suite of desktop and mobile tools to streamline the process of replenishing inventory.

Vendor Managed Inventory

With our traditional VMI arrangement, you have a dedicated Agilix Solutions Account Manager and/or SupplyMaster Specialist designated to stock and label shelves and bins, deliver products, and provide kitting services on an as-needed basis.

Vendor Managed Inventory + Vending

Have a larger inventory budget to invest in an upgraded VMI experience? We can deploy and stock vending machines at your facility or jobsite, and provide KPI reporting to help you make data-informed inventory decisions.

Integrated Supply

Our Integrated Supply offering is your complete storeroom management solution. This level provides the same services as our VMI tiers plus a dedicated, full-time Agilix Solutions inventory management expert and access to specialists on demand.


We make managing construction jobsite inventory simple and painless. We will deploy our SupplyMaster VMI solutions to your job site using for a tailored approach. Based on needs, we utilize trailers, containers, carts, vending, wire reels, and more to empower your team for ultimate efficiency.

Emergency/Disaster Relief Support

In the aftermath of a natural disaster or other emergency, the Agilix Solutions team can provide essential emergency supplies, water, first aid, and more to help your team recover.

What Sets Agilix Solutions’ SupplyMaster Services Apart?

Agilix SupplyMaster vending machine fleet. So what sets Agilix Solutions apart as an integrated supply solutions provider? Well for starters, we offer one of the industry’s leading software solutions in the inventory management space. The user-friendly interface includes robust functionality across desktop, point-of-use, and mobile app versions. That means from the top floor to the shop floor for VMI and Integrated Supply level agreements, everyone who needs it will have access to real-time inventory and performance data.

Another advantage Agilix Solutions brings to the inventory management table is our breadth and depth of industries and product divisions. We serve a wide variety of industries, with a variety of essential supplies and tools:

  • Automation – terminal blocks, pushbuttons, drives, enclosures, etc.
  • Datacom – switches, UPS/battery backup management, etc.
  • Electrical – connectors, wire, conduit, fuses, fittings, etc.
  • Industrial – cutting tools, abrasives, hand/power tools, etc.
  • Janitorial and sanitation – chemicals, paper products, trash can liners, equipment, matting, etc.
  • Lighting – lamps, ballasts, fixtures, controls, etc.
  • Lubricants and sprays
  • Power Transmission – motors, bearings, belts, chains, etc.
  • Safety/First Aid – PPE, first aid kits/components, skin care, etc.
  • Solar – racking, microinverters, wiring, electrical components, etc.

Customers rely on us for single source for procurement and inventory management, reducing the expense and hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

We also offer vending solutions ranging from coil to carousel to tool room entrances. Our software and hardware solutions work together to help you make well-informed decisions based on accurate product usage data. We recently introduced new SupplyMaster jobsite solutions, allowing you to maintain inventory while working on large or remote jobsites. Think of it as a well-stocked, mobile, access-controlled inventory warehouse.

Finally, Agilix Solutions has distribution agreements to connect you with products and solutions from a wide variety of the most recognizable names in your industry, and dedicated team members who are experts in the products and capabilities of the brands we carry. That means you have access to best-in-breed equipment from a distributor who knows it inside and out.

Is SupplyMaster the Integrated Supply Solution You’ve Been Looking For?

Whether you’re new to inventory management or you’re looking for a new partner to better serve your organization’s unique needs, it’s worth the time to explore what SupplyMaster from Agilix Solutions can do to relieve the stress and added tension of managing inventory. Start the conversation with a call to your Account Manager or a visit to one of our regional branch locations.