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Introducing Agilix Solutions: People X Performance

In July, we announced the merger of French Gerleman and IAC Supply Solutions to form Agilix Solutions, a distribution powerhouse spanning six states. Our teams have been working diligently to bring these two companies together, and today we’re proud to announce the launch of our new brand and logo.

Agilix Solutions logo


What Does the New Name Mean?

The Agilix Solutions name was chosen to represent our team’s ability to be agile, powerful, and impactful for our customers’ businesses. This dedication to going the extra mile to deliver for our customers was baked into the DNA of both companies, so it has become a centerpiece of who we are. Our combined team is committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver meaningful solutions that drive customer success. Our logistics expertise and expanded regional infrastructure will provide customers with quick access to new and expanded lines of products, while still allowing us to deliver personal service on a local level.

Our Company Values

Like the customers we have the honor to serve every day, Agilix Solutions is a heartland family business and that’s how we lead and operate our business. We have a shared set of values that guide our work and customer interaction:

  • Caring and Curiosity: We are committed to understanding our customers on a level that allows us to recognize opportunities to cost-effectively increase productivity, create efficiency, and eliminate waste. We want to see you succeed.
  • A “Whatever it Takes” Service Attitude: We recognize your business is earned, not given. So we’re committed to going the extra mile to deliver for you. From kitting and staging to weekend delivery and a variety other uncommon services, we’re your partner in getting the job done right and on time.
  • Integrity Always and in All Ways: We lead with your best interests at heart. When you work with Agilix Solutions, you’re working with a team of people you can trust to have your back when it’s all on the line.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Our team is not satisfied with “the way it’s always been done.” Your industry is ever-evolving. So we’re constantly asking questions and looking for ways to raise the bar and redefine what’s possible.
  • Teamwork Multiples Value: As an Agilix Solutions customer, you have access to our entire breadth and depth of expertise. Our team knows that the best solutions are achieved when we’re working together with our co-workers and you to achieve them.

How Will the Brand Launch Impact Customers?

The most important thing to reiterate from our initial merger launch is that the way you’ve done business with us in the past is not changing. Your Account Manager and the folks at your local branch location are still your go-to resource for access to our exceptional products and unparalleled customer service.

So what’s changing? The first and most obvious changes you’ll notice is that the next time you call your local branch or receive email from one of our employees, the names French Gerleman and IAC Supply Solutions will be replaced with Agilix Solutions. We’ve also launched a new website at We will be adding upgraded eCommerce functionality soon. But in the meantime, you can still find links to our legacy eCommerce pages for your region on the new site.

You’ll also notice that our social media presence has changed. If you’ve been following us on our legacy brands’ social media pages but haven’t yet followed Agilix Solutions, we invite you to like and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will no longer be publishing content to the French Gerleman and IAC Supply Solutions social media accounts, so following the new page is the best way to stay informed about the latest and greatest products and services.

In the coming months, you’ll also notice new signage on buildings, at sales counters, and on our fleet of delivery trucks.

People X Performance is the Difference

We’ve long known that the secret to providing exceptional service is a combination of exceptional people and a drive to consistently exceed expectations on behalf of our clients. It’s who we are, and it’s what you can expect working side by side with Agilix Solutions to position your business for the future.