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Is Your Team & Facility Summer-Ready?

The mercury is starting to rise. As it does, our attention turns to baseball, barbeque, boating, and all sorts of other summertime activities. But with the high temps of summer about to be upon us, it’s important that you consider precautions you can take now to ensure your employees and your facility are prepared for it.

This article details some of the concerns that come with hot weather, heat stress, and solutions we offer to help you keep your people and facility running cool and smooth this summer.

Tools to Keep Your Team Cool

If you have employees who work outdoors or in extreme indoor temperatures in the summer, it’s important that you take steps to promote their health and safety and prevent occupational heat stress. Agilix Solutions is your go-to resource for access to the latest technology in personal cooling solutions. Learn more about just a few of the ways we work keep your team cool on the hottest days of the year.

Cooling vest with fans to help with summer preparedness at workCooling Vests

Agilix Solutions offers a variety of cooling vest options from top manufacturers in workwear, including PIP Industrial Products and Teijin. These products range from evaporative vests to sophisticated solutions that utilize frozen cooling packs or even fans to keep wearers comfortable in extreme heat situations.

Cooling Head and Neck Wear

The work your employees do likely requires a variety of mandated safety equipment. While that equipment is necessary to prevent serious injury, it also adds bulk and layers that make hot days even more challenging. When it comes to head protection, there are a variety of products your team can use to help beat the heat. Ventilated hard hats go a long way toward allowing bodies to release heat. We also offer hard hat sun visors and neck shades to protect skin and eyes from long days of sun exposure. Finally, cooling bandanas and neck towels are priceless accessories for beating the heat and sunshine.

TenActiv KTAG(2)Stay-Cool Cut Resistance

Safety is one thing that can’t be compromised on the job site no matter the temperature. That’s the inspiration behind the TenActivTM KTAG Stay Cool and Cut-Resistant Sleeve from Superior Glove. It’s a tubular knit sleeve designed to provide long-lasting comfort in warm work conditions. It guards against abrasion hazards and dirt, all while providing ANSI Level A5 cut protection.

Hydration Solutions

Sometimes the best solution for relief from the heat is the one that’s been around the longest- hydration. We offer bottled water by the case or pallet to make hydrating your team simple and affordable. We also offer a variety of thirst-quenching and hydrating products from Sqwincher and Gatorade in bulk quantities to help your crew regulate and maintain critical electrolyte levels while they work.

Equipment for Cooling Indoor Environments

Portable Air Conditioning

KPACII portable air conditioner for hot work environmentsHave an area of your facility that is particularly unbearable to work in on a hot day? How about an indoor jobsite without functional HVAC equipment? The Kwikool® KPAC IITM might be just the solution. The KPAC II is a compact, affordable, and powerful spot cooler made with a rugged steel construction to hold up to your demands while exceeding commercial portability standards. It also boasts the smallest footprint of any spot cooler on the market, so you won’t have to compromise workspace for comfort.

Kwikool KPAC II systems are directional systems designed to remove heat loads from a specific area by ducting it directly out of the room. It’s a smart option for promoting the health and safety of your team, protecting your equipment investment, or just creating a more comfortable working environment. KPAC II is offered in three different cooling capacities, depending on your specific needs, and all three are proudly made in the USA.

Heavy Duty Ceiling Fans

One of the best ways to keep indoor temperatures under control on a hot day is ensuring the free flow of air in your facility. We offer heavy duty ceiling fans from Markey Engineered Products tailored to rugged applications. Ceiling fans also work alongside your HVAC system to ensure temperatures stay lower and you maximize energy efficiency.

nVent HOFFMAN equipment coolingEquipment Cooling Solutions

You also need to consider the effects of extreme temperatures on your equipment. nVent Hoffman offers a complete line of SpectraCool products designed to help you regulate equipment and enclosure temperature at your facility. Nothing causes expensive machinery to fail faster than heat. SpectraCool solutions are designed to keep your plant running smoothy without downtime or early, unplanned replacement costs.

Don’t Forget Energy Efficiency

With higher temperatures come higher energy costs. If you’re looking to offset the costs of your HVAC system working overtime, Agilix Solutions offers a wide variety of products and solutions tailored to energy savings. From installing efficient lighting products to leveraging the power of the sun into solar energy and everything in between, Agilix Solutions has you covered. If you’re looking to uncover every opportunity for energy savings in your facility, Agilix Solutions has partner connections to facilitate a complete ASHRAE Level III energy audit and a complete plan for energy savings.

Summer-Ready Starts with Agilix Solutions

As the temperatures rise, it’s a great time to lean on your trusted partners at Agilix Solutions to keep your team cool and comfortable, and keep your facilities running smoothly this summer. Reach out to your Account Manager or call your local Agilix Solutions branch to start the conversation.