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Let There Be Light: An Agilix Solutions Case Study in Lighting Upgrades

Agilix Solutions LED upgrade project

Lighting is one of those things that’s easy to take for granted. As long as the room lights up when you flip the switch, you probably don’t spend too much brainpower wondering if the lighting solutions you’re using are optimal for the space they’re lighting. Even the Agilix Solutions team, who live on the cutting edge of what’s possible for our customers, probably haven’t thought enough in the past about how lighting affects the work we do.

But that all changed recently, when we took a closer look at the luminaires lighting up the sales counter in our St. Louis headquarters. While we’ve been preaching the benefits of high efficiency LED lighting to our customers, we were still operating with fluorescent fixtures and bulbs. It was time for an upgrade.

There wasn’t anything wrong with the light fixtures we were using. But we recognized, as we have for hundreds of customers, that there was a cost-effective opportunity to lower our carbon footprint and electric bill, while creating a better working environment for our employees and shopping environment for our customers.

We replaced the existing fixtures with Acuity Brands flat panel LEDs. The new lighting solutions put the right amount of light in the right area, offer an ideal color temperature (not too yellow, not too white), and work perfectly for the sales counter space they’re lighting.

What Could New Lighting Do for You?

Compared to many of the customers’ facilities we serve, our St. Louis sales counter area is a relatively small location. We replaced 14 lights and, while it had a big impact on the aesthetics of the room, it’s not too difficult to imagine the impact you could have replacing hundreds of lights in a larger space. The breadth of LED products and features today afford us the opportunity to upgrade lighting in nearly any facility from harsh industrial environments to hospitals and commercial offices to schools.

In addition to the savings you’ll see on your utility bills, there are several other financial incentives to making the switch to LED. At any given time, there are local incentives available to help make a lighting upgrade more affordable. Our team is committed to staying on top of the available incentives on behalf of our customers. LED bulbs last longer, and there are a wide variety of warranties offered on different products from different manufacturers. The Agilix Solutions team can work directly with you to ensure you’re choosing the right manufacturer and model for your particular application.

Beyond the financial upside, a lighting upgrade can create a better working environment for you and your employees. Upgrading to modern LED lighting can instantly improve the aesthetics of your workplace, while creating a safer working environment by ensuring the right type of light is provided exactly where it’s most needed.

It All Starts with a Lighting Audit

Agilix Solutions LED Upgrade
Agilix Solutions LED upgrade

When you start to think about the volume of light fixtures in your facility, it’s easy to quickly get overwhelmed by the volume of work involved in a lighting upgrade. For many customers, it’s the main thing that’s holding them back. Agilix Solutions has developed a proprietary Lighting Audit process to make the experience simple and painless for customers.

We begin our process with a discovery session designed to determine what you’re trying to achieve with a lighting upgrade. From there, we move on to a physical audit of the existing lighting scheme of your space. We document your current lighting, evaluate placement, gather utility bills, and survey everything about the current state of your facility’s lighting. Finally, we deliver the lighting audit along with an ROI report to help you understand exactly what you stand to gain with an upgrade. If you decide to move forward with the upgrade, we’ll work with you to develop a plan that fits your schedule and budget.

Interested in seeing things in a whole new light? Reach out to your Account Manager or your local Agilix Solutions branch to get connected with the Agilix Solutions lighting team. We’ll help ensure you get the expertise and education you need to make informed decisions about your lighting plan.