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Making Safety Glasses Even Safer: MAX6 from MCR Safety

What are the most important tools your team uses every day to get the job done? Depending on their working environment, you could probably list at least 10 tools each employee needs to be productive. But the most important tools they have, the ones that make all of those other tools work, are the ones they were born with.

Ensure the eye safety of your employees with Max6 from MCR SafetyThe human body is readily equipped with a whole arsenal of tools we often take for granted until we’re unable to use them. That includes our eyes. As we continue to recognize National Safety Month, we recognize eye protection is a paramount safety priority for any employer. First and foremost, you want a safe work environment where your people are protected from hazards they might face. But eye protection is also smart for business. Eye injuries alone cost more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses, and worker compensation according to OSHA. Every day, there are close to 2,000 work-related eye injuries across the country.

In this article, we’ll look at what MCR Safety is doing to reduce the likelihood of injuries with the company’s MAX6TM Anti-Fog Technology.

When the Solution Creates New Problems

Jobsite eye protection is nothing new. OSHA standard 1910.133 lays out strict standards for the level and type of eye protection required for specific types of work. As important as it is to wear protective eyewear in the field, it’s equally important that the eyewear you choose doesn’t significantly impact your team’s ability to see what they’re working on. Working in humid conditions or moving between spaces with varying levels of humidity in the air, can create lens fog and wreak havoc on visibility for your team, ultimately compromising their safety in a new way. Safety glasses and other protective eyewear can unintentionally deliver new safety hazards to the workplace. As one construction supervisor put it:

“Construction site conditions are always changing from day to day. When a worker takes off their eyewear due to fogging, they expose themselves to new workplace hazards not there the day before.”

That’s the problem MCR Safety set out to solve with MAX6TM Anti-Fog eyewear.

When Eyewear Stays On, Workers Stay Safe

When your employees are forced to stop what they’re doing to remove their protective eyewear and deal with foggy lenses, they put their own personal safety and productivity at risk. MCR Safety’s MAX6TM coating is built into the lens during the manufacturing process to provide greater anti-fog protection and allow your team to stay focused, productive, and safe.

MAX6TM eyewear is proven to stand up to the challenge. Here’s why:

  • It offers superior anti-fog coating to provide 6x greater performance when compared to standard anti-fog styles (as seen in the video above).
  • It’s able to remain clear, or fog for no more than 10 seconds, in even the most extreme fogging conditions, while current industry anti-fog offerings take 60 seconds or longer to dissipate.
  • It passes the ANSI Z87.1 anti-fog test.
  • It passes the EN166 N Mark test for anti-fog.

This technology has proven priceless in environments like foundries, steel mills, product manufacturing facilities, and chemical plants where workers perform in extremely high temperatures for prolonged period of time. But they also live up to the challenge in cold temperature environments, like frozen food plants.

Agilix Solutions is Your Workplace Safety HQ

When it comes to living up to the safety demands of your team’s work environment, Agilix Solutions has you covered. From groundbreaking eye protection technology like MAX6TM to fall protection solutions to gloves suited for virtually any task, we have the safety products you need to protect your team from workplace hazards. We also offer a wide variety of safety-related services to help you ensure you’re using products suited to your team and work environment.

Reach out to your Account Manager or stop into your local Agilix Solutions branch to explore all we have to offer to help you maximize the protection and productivity of your team.