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Mersen Introduces Generation 2 Class J Fuse Holders

Class J Fuse holders from Mersen - Generation 2Class J fuses are 600 volt AC current limiting fuses, rated to interrupt a minimum of 200,000 amps. They are commonly used in a variety of industrial applications, including branch circuits, motor circuits, mains, feeders, control panels, electric motor controls, drives, soft-starters, circuit breaker back-ups, transformers, load centers, lighting, heating, and general loads.

A leading manufacturer in the electrical power industry, Mersen has now released a new Generation 2 open style class J fuse block to accommodate class J fuses ranging from 0 – 100A, 600V. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the features that set the new generation of Mersen’s Class J Fuse Holders apart from the pack.

Mersen’s In a Class of Its Own with Class J Fuse Holders

Mersen’s new Generation 2 Class J fuse holder is designed to fit a wide range of stranded or solid wire. They are DIN-rail mountable, more compact than the traditional Gen 1 offering, and feature dovetail nesting for multipole field assembly. Paired with Mersen’s newly designed dead front covers, the fuse bases are IP20 rated.

The Generation 2 Class J Fuse Holders come with a long list of features and benefits that put them on another level:

  • DIN-rail mountable, 600V, 30 – 100A fuse boxes
  • Mersen Certified 700VAC
  • 30A version is available with box, screw, and pressure plate terminations; 60A and 100A models are available with box termination only
  • Fuse base comes in a fresh new Mersen gray color
  • Dovetail design for interlocking configuration of 2-pole and 3-pole bases
  • Unique molding around the termination accommodates hinged cover and provides increased safety
  • Built in lockout/tagout feature
  • Finger safe rated to IP20 standards
  • Offers a new clear cover with indicators for increased safety and simple visual inspections
  • Multi-connector wiring options for the 100A model

All Mersen class J fuse boxes meet the requirements of UL4248 (formerly UL512). They are also UL Listed Guide IZLT, File E52283 and CSA certified class 6225, File 32169.

The Mersen + Agilix Difference

For over 120 years, Mersen has built a reputation as a global expert in power and advanced materials. The company works tirelessly to design innovative solutions to the specific needs of their markets, enabling them to optimize the manufacturing processes in a variety of sectors including energy, transportation, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and process industries.

A long-time manufacturing partner of Agilix Solutions, Mersen integrates its product expertise into our customers’ specific applications to provide so much more than a standard out-of-the-box solution. Working with Mersen means working with the most trusted fuse brand in electrical protection to help our customers improve electrical safety, performance, and reliability.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new Generation 2 open style Class J Fuse Holders or any of Mersen’s other innovative electrical solutions, reach out to your Agilix Solutions Account Manager or give a call or visit to your branch to start the conversation.