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MOTIONFLEX® Cable from LUTZE Designed to Withstand Wide Variety of Motion Applications

As an increasing amount of the work done in industrial settings today is performed by machines, we’ve come to rely heavily on the dependability of the components that help those machines do the work and communicate. One of those components is cable. With advances in robotic capabilities, demand has risen for cable that can better tolerate the repeated bending, twisting, and movement that comes with the job.

Last Fall, LUTZE answered that rising demand by introducing a new line of MOTIONFLEX® motor cables, an innovative new cabling solution for continuous motion applications in industrial automation. MOTIONFLEX® cables are designed to withstand the widest variety of motion applications in the industry. These cables provide a flexible solution across the entire spectrum of use cases from the linear flexing of a drag chain application to the twisting nature of robotic applications.


LUTZE MOTIONFLEX® M Motor Supply Cable Applications

Built and approved for both plant and machine level installations, LUTZE MOTIONFLEX® M motor supply cable boasts versatility. It’s a shielded motor supply cable that can be used to connect power to 3-phase motors, VFDs, and servo drives.  It’s an ideal solution for motor applications with repetitive movement, flexing and torsional stress. In fact, it’s been tested to surpass five million linear cycles and two million torsion cycles at +120°/1m. Featuring thermoset XLPE insulation, MOTIONFLEX® cable offers superior overload and short-circuit temperature tolerance.

LUTZE Motionflex M Flex and Twist

MOTIONFLEX® M motor cable is UL Listed Flexible Motor Supply. It’s suitable for installation per NEC and NFPA 79 and meets the requirements for VFD cabling. LUTZE built this product with a highly flexible XLPE conductor design. It features a reduced outside diameter and has high insulation resistance. This low capacitance cable also has a specially formulated jacket for oil resistance and easy strip. It’s also designed for durability: it’s crush impact resistant, sunlight resistant and  flame retardant.

The innovative MOTIONFLEX® cable series is fully stocked in America, from LUTZE’s Charlotte, NC, headquarters with conductor sizing from 18AWG to 8AWG.


In addition to the MOTIONFLEX® M product line, LUTZE has also introduced two new shielded Flex & Twist Ethernet cables suitable for motion applications with repetitive movement, moderate linear flexing and torsion, free flexing, and static installations. These products are specifically designed for cabling of industrial Ethernet systems. The MOTIONFLEX® Ethernet cable product was designed with harsh industrial environments in mind and operates well even in areas with high noise levels. It’s an applicable solution for automation technology, material handling, conveyor technology, and industrial machinery, and is compliant with NFPA 79 requirements.

You’re a Call Away from the MOTIONFLEX® Difference

Whether you’re looking for a flexible cabling solution for your industrial capabilities or you’re an OEM looking to overcome design and durability challenges with flexible cable, MOTIONFLEX® cable from LUTZE could be the perfect solution. Agilix Solutions partners with LUTZE to provide a wide variety of cable products for the manufacturing industry. Contact your account manager or reach out to your nearest branch to discuss your unique needs.